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Education is a vital building block of society, but with increasing classroom sizes, restricted funding, and the scramble to move to remote learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – the challenges of education are constantly evolving. As curriculums become more complicated and testing more rigorous, teaching has to be able to keep up.

That’s where AI comes in. The opportunity now exists for greater customisation of the learning experience, allowing students to find methods that work better for them and creating a student body with a more varied approach to problem solving.

On the teaching side of things, AI has the potential to completely automate administrative tasks and improve the accessibility of teaching and learning.

How AI is used in Education

Individual learning

It has been a well-known fact that almost no two people learn in the same way for a long time now, but for teachers managing classes of 30+ students, appealing to all of these is a near-impossible task. 

During exam seasons it becomes vital for students to have an accurate picture of what they need to focus revision on, and this data should be as up-to-date as possible, as every working minute counts.

Using AI in resources such as online testing can allow students access to the gaps in their knowledge with instantaneous feedback, pinpointing exactly what topics and even question types need work. Platforms such as these have found use from the start of infant school right through to Higher Education.

Here are some companies leading the way in Individual Learning:


Adjusted and accessible learning is an ongoing priority for educators, as an increase in available flexibility could make a huge difference to students with conditions such as dyslexia, ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder, and would positively impact students across the board.

Technology such as live captioning and interpretation can make a world of difference to students with visual or hearing impairments, English as a second language, or auditory processing disorders. 

This opens up entirely new ways to interact with students, and by making classrooms universally accessible, schools can minimise the alienation students may sometimes experience when needing accommodations to be made for them.

Here are some companies leading the way in Educational Accessibility:

Automate Admin Tasks

The increasing focus on analysing students as data (i.e. grade improvement, attendance, ‘behaviour points’) has up to this point meant heavily increasing the amount of admin a teacher has to perform. 

By automating these tasks, not only are teachers able to free up more time for lesson planning and student engagement, but human error can also be minimised.

Here are some companies leading the way in Automating Admin Tasks:

Outside The Classroom 

In 2020, remote learning moved from being a fringe concept to the primary means of teaching, but AI technology to assist students outside of the classroom/normal teaching hours has been in development for years. 

Homework help, test preparation and study techniques can now be delivered through virtual assistants and chatbots, giving students more opportunity to fit their learning around the rest of their lives, rather than the other way round.

Here are some companies leading the way with learning Outside the classroom:

Is AI the Future of Education?

Applications for AI within education are continuing to be developed, with companies setting their sights on concepts such as AI mentors, smart content, and new processes for personal development. As AI becomes more sophisticated, the opportunities become endless. 

The importance of education means that the uptake of AI technology will take time due to it being absolutely necessary to get it right first time, but artificial intelligence is still slowly being integrated into education, and will continue to do so. 

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