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The improvement and analysation of cybersecurity is no longer just a human task, but also one for artificial intelligence. There are many AI powered tools to combat cybersecurity issues, such as reducing security breach risks and efficiently improving security posture.

AI and machine learning technologies can identify numerous types of threats. Crucial technologies such as these are able to analyze millions of past events, and therefore highlight incoming threats. Threats can include phishing attacks, malicious code and malware that exploits zero-day vulnerabilities. 

These technologies are constantly learning and are able to draw on the past to identify new attacks. Additionally, they also analyze the behaviour of networks, users and assets so they can easily detect any behaviour different from the norm. 

AI can also generate automated techniques to deal with detected threats, better prevention tactics and recovery strategies. 

How is AI used in Cybersecurity?

Threat Detection

Hackers follow trends that are constantly changing, for example the expansion of remote working as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a huge spike in attackers exploiting the weakened security that a home network can provide; but with AI these can be easily identified.  

Cybersecurity systems that are powered by AI can analyse and monitor global industry specific threats. This provides insights into making critical prioritisation decisions based on what is likely to be used to attack your organisation and information.

Here are some companies leading the way in Threat Detection:

IT Asset Inventory

Some organisations could have ten devices and others could have thousands. With AI you’ll get an accurate inventory of all your users, devices and applications that access information systems. This also means that in the event of a breach, you can quickly find out if it’s the result of one specific device, or even software on said device, and it can be fixed before too much damage is done.

Here are some companies leading the way in Asset Inventory:

Breach Risk Prediction

Finding weaknesses within your current cybersecurity programs is key to strengthening them and preventing attacks occurring. With this information you’re given the opportunity to plan, resource and allocate to the weakness accordingly. AI analysis helps to control, configure and enhance processes to improve your businesses cyber resilience. 

Here are some companies leading the way with Breach Risk Prediction:

Incident Response

In the unfortunate event that an attack does occur, response times even a millisecond quicker can make all the difference. With AI, responses can be far quicker as it context for prioritisation and a response to security alerts can be automatically provided. Additionally, AI will highlight root causes and issues which can then have processes put in place to prevent future issues.

Here are some companies leading the way with Incident Response:

Biometric Logins

Remembering a different password for every single login a person has becomes an increasingly ridiculous request as we now have so many platforms that require security measures. 

This makes biometric logins an extremely positive AI contribution to cybersecurity as it replaces the need for recall to prove identity with something innate about an individual.

Biometric logins create secure logins using your fingerprints, facial-recognition or retinas, but are expanding to other forms of verification. This can prevent security breaches and the compromising of your customers personal information. 

Here are some companies leading the way with Biometric Logins:

Is AI the Future of Cybersecurity?

AI powered technology has emerged over the recent years to improve the efforts of human information security teams. By minimising the possibility of human error, cybersecurity professionals can work in tandem with AI to protect all levels of an organization’s attack surface, reducing risk and improving security posture.

AI is going to continue to grow within the cybersecurity sector, as technologies of both AI and hackers become more and more advanced. AI could become crucial in combating hackers in the future and therefore starting to blend AI into your workforce is becoming a necessity. 

Here at Geniusly, we can get your organisation started on its journey to an AI blended workplace. 

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