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In AI, no two weeks are the same. The technology evolves just as rapidly as its applications across a huge variety of sectors and areas of people’s lives. Here at Geniusly, we make a point of keeping up-to-date with AI news across the web, and wanted to share a few of our favourites in a weekly post, showing the amazing developments happening in AI! 

Young Vic Theatre's Newest Playwright: GPT-3


Upon seeing the program write an article for The Guardian last year, Kwame Kwei-Armah, artistic director of the Young Vic, took it upon themselves to see exactly how far GPT-3’s creativity could go. Previous attempts at AI-written theatre resulted in sub-par characters and a lack of empathy, so in this show GPT-3 was supplemented with human counterparts. The show – aptly titled ‘AI’ – ran until the 25th of August, but didn’t follow the traditional format of write-read-rehearse-perform; the piece was developed during each performance, making every evening entirely unique.

The questions raised by this piece are sure to have a lasting impact on the future of AI within creative industries, and you can find out more about GPT-3 in this article.

Fyma Won't Accept 'Racial Profiling'

The history of AI, machine learning and prejudice is far more entangled than many of us would like to admit or remember. From Microsoft’s attempt at creating a conversation bot that quickly became racist, to Amazon’s hiring algorithm needing to have the word ‘woman’ removed from its vocabulary to allow any CVs belonging to women through, these stories keep cropping up time and time again. Estonian computer vision and artificial intelligence startup, Fyma, has taken a stand against retailers requesting to allow what they refer to as ‘heritage data’ to be collected through facial recognition. This story comes at the end of a decades-long issue of racial profiling in shops (CNN’s “Shopping While Black” is now nearly a decade old) – and it’s distressing to see that some retailers are seeing exciting technological advancements and fitting them into outdated prejudices. 

You can read more about this story here.


Trans-National Education Gets AI Upgrade


Trans-National relationships between universities have proven to be a fantastic way to connect students for many years now. That is not to suggest that making those partnerships is anywhere near an easy task, however, as processes can take weeks just to find a suitable connection to make, even before networking can begin. 

The TNE Matchmaker is set to utilise data-mining – driven by AI – to conduct the background research necessary to assist universities in their search for appropriate contacts.

This will hopefully have more global implications as the program grows, and we’re excited to see where this leads.

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