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ASAP Systems

We work to solve the biggest problem in inventory management and asset tracking: Everyone does it differently. Through many years of experience working on a vast range of unique customer requirements, we have developed an unmatched expertise in catering solutions to fit almost any budget, technical and user requirement. Our highly-configurable and scalable barcode-based tracking systems are designed to provide maximum value today, tomorrow, and into the future. Many organizations are challenged to effectively manage inventory and to find a simple solution that is flexible, scalable, and powerful enough to meet all stages of organizational growth. Our Inventory System is the perfect solution. Designed to meet the needs of any organization, regardless of size, robust enough to meet any challenge, and yet simple enough for the day-to-day user. Our intuitive System empowers the System Administrator to configure every aspect of tracking requirements and it provides add-on features such as, Internal Shopping Carts, Multi-Sites, and Enterprise-Level Database Integration when needed. In its most basic form, users can Track Orders, Receive, Ship, control movement, and locate all types of inventory including, basic inventory, Serialized, and Batch inventory with expiration due dates. Our Inventory System eliminates the need to purchase multiple Inventory Systems to accommodate Inventory Tracking within multiple sites. Supposing an organization has numerous warehouses, buildings, stockrooms, and/or departments, our Inventory System?s Multi-Site Feature, empowers organizations to keep their Data separate and independent within each site. Our Inventory System combines trends and best practices for the best User Experience (UX). Our Barcode Tracking Solution offers a user-friendly and visually pleasing interface with features and capabilities that are relevant to individual users. Our powerful Inventory System interface is designed to adapt to a user?s daily Inventory Tracking procedures and enables them to set favorite Inventory transactions, Inventory reports, etc. Acting as a shortcut, this feature reduces the number of clicks and provides users a direct path to their routine actions. With ASAP Systems? Inventory System, you can create your own inventory solution, perfect for you!


AssetPulse has successfully provided complete, customizable RFID asset tracking solutions for over ten years across three continents. RFID asset tracking solutions designed by AssetPulse helps to improve the tracking of critical assets and inventory within a company. We leverage several auto-ID technologies including RFID, BLE and GPS to track assets indoors and outdoors. Our offering scales from handheld only solutions to complete deployments of fixed reader infrastructure, monitoring portals, doorways, entrances and exits. AssetGather is a web-based asset tracking solution that provides enterprises with the ability to view the up-to-date status of all their critical assets and assess their impact on associated business processes, from anywhere. It is designed to accept and process real-time data from RFID, sensors, GPS devices and other sources to help automate the collection and updating of asset-related data. Further, AssetGather is capable of integrating with and aggregating data from existing enterprise applications and data repositories. It can also be implemented as an on-premise software license installed on your server or as on-demand software subscription hosted on our server. AssetGather Mobile is a light-weight software application for RFID and Barcode handheld readers. AssetGather Mobile has capabilities to perform inventory scans of locations, perform check-in and check-out of assets and perform physical searches of missing assets or assets that have upcoming calibrations or preventive maintenance. Associated asset information can also be updated on the fly using AssetGather Mobile. The software can also be extended to incorporate preventive maintenance or inspection-related tasks and actions.


Automile, an IoT company, provides real-time GPS tracking and management of fleets and assets. Real-time updates, trip logging, routing, idling, utilization, speeding, geofencing and alerts. Optimize your fleet with advanced routing, driver identification through key fobs or mobile app, speeding, idling, driving behaviour and much more. Follow other companies by optimizing your fleet, lower costs and damages, and get full control of your business. Automile Box works on all vehicles manufactured since 1996 without extra SIM-card or data subscription. CE, FCC, E13, and T?V Nord certified. Meets all warranty terms from car manufacturers. Automile Hub works across all light-duty vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. Requires fixed installation with 5 available harness types 9-pin, OBD2, Tacho, FMS or power harness.


blik creates an item tracking solution for logistics and industry. With our combined hardware and software solution, environmental factors of goods and load carriers are raised in real-time. The system is primarily aimed at users from the industry who want to avoid errors and errors in the documentation. Users of blik are able to get a live overview of their systems and flows.


CargoSense is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that provides robust logistics oversight for supply chain networks. Our mission is to empower our customers with logistics intelligence, to ensure the quality delivery of shipped goods. We are the lens through which you Monitor, Measure, and Manage shipping costs and risks. We maximize our customers' effectiveness across their supply chain, through the best combination of software and hardware. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence processes to drive actionable insights, CargoSense vastly reduces costs and improves efficiency within the complex supply chains of industries such as life sciences, electronics, food & beverage and beyond. Our device-agnostic software and industry-tailored applications are designed to collect and visualize information from the ?latest generation of sensor technologies. Ask us how we're giving top global companies the leading edge - through software and sensors that diagnose quality issues, predict the ramifications, and give actionable insights for your staff to quickly course-correct. Ensure the integrity of your products with a CargoSense package that's right for you.


FourKites is the world's fastest-growing predictive supply chain platform, delivering real-time visibility and execution for Fortune 500 companies and third-party logistics firms across 70 countries. Using a proprietary algorithm to calculate shipment arrival times, FourKites enables customers to lower operating costs, improve on-time performance, and strengthen end-customer relationships. With a network of more than four million GPS/ELD devices, FourKites covers all modes including ocean, rail, parcel and over-the-road. The platform is optimized for mobile and equipped with market-leading end-to-end security. FourKites helps you optimize your supply chain ecosystem through seamless collaboration with your supply chain partners. Drive higher levels of productivity, utilization and efficiency across your entire supply chain with the most trusted name in supply chain visibility. With Network Visibility, suppliers can drastically reduce inbound customer service calls, while receivers can better plan labour and dock usage ? and improve collaboration between suppliers and fulfilment teams. End-to-end supply chain visibility ensures that you are able to provide your customers with exceptional service and empower them to better manage their own facilities. FourKites eliminates the need for manual, time-consuming freight management. We enable you to consolidate IT spend by seamlessly integrating with ERP systems and other legacy technology.

GreenRoad Technologies

GreenRoad, a global leader in driver behaviour technology, provides highly effective fleet driver safety and compliance solutions. Currently used by more than 120,000 drivers, the GreenRoad solution employs advanced real-time, in-vehicle feedback and change management methodologies to promote meaningful, lasting change in driver behaviour. In addition, GreenRoad?s data-based predictive analytics give fleet managers the information they need to optimize overall fleet management. As proven by deployments with hundreds of customers in the bus & coach, utilities, logistics, oil & gas, construction and other industries, the GreenRoad solution improves safety, minimizes operational costs, reduces risk and enhances compliance. Fuel is a major operating expense for every fleet, no matter how large or small. GreenRoad helps you reduce your fuel bills by up to 30% by alerting drivers during risky, fuel-wasting driving behaviours like sharp braking, rapid acceleration, and high-speed driving. Drivers can view details of their current or past driving performance and idling habits while managers can keep an eye on trends as they develop to help keep fuel budgets on track. Analyze and run reports based on region, driver, or vehicle using the following measurements: fuel efficiency and trends, fuel consumption, idling rates and trends. Fleet managers can reduce fuel costs by setting fuel consumption budgets, idling rate goals and target fuel efficiency rates. Tailor goals by region or team and provide managers and drivers with actionable steps for success.


Hi-G-Tek delivers turn-key wireless solutions that track and secure high-value cargo and assets, whether in transit or stationary. The company?s comprehensive solutions integrate reusable edge devices (electronic sensing, locking, and tracking devices) with wireless communications connectivity that enables real-time data collection where necessary and the application software that generates actionable information for users. Hi-G-Tek addresses a variety of business challenges for its clients, particularly loss prevention, risk and liability mitigation (including product contamination, hazardous material security, and patient safety), and tax assurance for customs officials. Clients gain visibility to the edge of the supply chain where knowledge of asset location and condition is a competitive advantage for their businesses. Hi-G-Tek?s signature offerings are the Tanker Truck Monitoring Solution (TTMS) and Cargo Tracking and Monitoring Solution (CTMS), but the company?s expertise and solutions extend to many other vertical markets that require tracking and securing of high-value assets, such as pharmaceutical transport, HAZMAT, and bulk foods transport. Hi-G-Tek?s flexible platform enables the company to easily tailor solutions for these custom applications. The company delivers value to its clients by replicating its expertise, operational experience, and knowledge of best practices across these different markets. Hi-G-Tek?s ESP, which is installed at client sites, controls and manages the entire solution. The ESP receives, analyzes, and stores all the information collected by the sensors, filtering events by applying the client?s business rules to incoming data. Hi-G-Tek?s software platform is highly flexible: easily adaptable to a client?s operational processes; easily integrated with existing ERPs, and easily expanded as the client?s application grows.


Impinj is a leading provider of RAIN RFID solutions. The Impinj Platform connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, automobile parts, drivers? licenses, food and luggage to applications such as inventory management, patient safety, asset tracking and item authentication, delivering real-time information to businesses about items they create, manage, transport and sell. The Impinj Platform wirelessly delivers information about these items? unique identity, location and authenticity, or Item Intelligence, to the digital world, which Impinj believes is the essence of the Internet of Things. Impinj software offers data services and systems management making it easy to deploy, manage, and garner Item Intelligence. Impinj gateways, reader chips, and readers wirelessly connect items. Read, write, authenticate, and otherwise engage endpoints or tagged items. An endpoint comprises an Impinj tag chip attached to an individual item, providing a unique identifier and enabling connectivity devices to determine the item's identity, location, and authenticity.


KeepTruckin is on a mission to modernize the trucking industry. With the leading fleet management platform, we are bringing trucks online and fundamentally changing the way freight is moved on our roads. The KeepTruckin dashboard is your command centre. Monitor driving behaviour, track vehicles and equipment, stay compliant and simplify everyday tasks. We combine hours of service and GPS data to pick the best driver for the load. Receive real-time dispatch updates and deploy navigation within the app. Get proof of delivery and instantly validate work with document uploading. Connect apps like McLeod, TMW, Prophesy, and more to optimize operations.


KONUX is a leading German AI scale-up, transforming railway operations for a sustainable future. We combine Machine Learning and IoT to make railway the mobility choice of tomorrow by increasing capacity, reliability, and cost-efficiency. The KONUX Predictive Maintenance System helps infrastructure managers improve network availability, prolong asset lifetime, and empower their employees to make maintenance more efficient. The KONUX system is an end-to-end solution which uses IIoT devices and artificial intelligence to improve network capacity, extend asset life and reduce costs. It continuously monitors and analyzes the health of key switch components such as the trackbed, and frog, and provides actionable recommendations. It ultimately allows for better maintenance planning by helping infrastructure managers anticipate failures before they happen and know the optimal time and type of maintenance needed. Each of our internet-of-things devices can easily be deployed in the field in under ten minutes. They are autonomous and durable, with a battery life of four years. The sensors are mounted directly onto the track sleeper and continuously measure key parameters such as vibration and acceleration without disrupting regular traffic operation. Our advanced AI core is also able to predict how the condition of switch components will develop in the next 90 days and notifies you when actions need to be taken. That allows you to plan better the timing of maintenance measures, such as tamping, or grinding a frog, for example. This way, you are in control of your maintenance needs and asset availability.

Locus Robotics

We design and build innovative autonomous mobile robots that work collaboratively alongside workers in the fast-paced logistics and fulfilment industries. Workers can pick 2x-3x faster with near-100% accuracy and less labour, delivering higher productivity and a better workplace. You simply pick faster! The LocusEmpower(TM) system easily integrates into existing warehouse infrastructure without reconfiguring or disrupting workflows or infrastructure. The Locus system delivers unparalleled flexibility in moving inventory and orders through a fulfilment centre. We?ve built the industry?s most modern and technologically advanced autonomous robot, incorporating the latest technologies and lightweight materials. LocusBot?s flexible design allows for a wide range of tote and bin configurations that meet virtually any fulfilment requirement. Unlike other autonomous robot systems, LocusBots? lightweight design allows them to safely operate closely alongside workers and in mezzanine configurations. Their user-friendly UI minimizes worker training time and improves pick accuracy. LocusServer?s turnkey, lightweight software is designed to easily connect with any warehouse management or warehouse control system. There?s no complex coding, setup, or maintenance required. The LocusServer integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure and workflow without disrupting or idling your operation. It?s highly scalable, making it easy to staff for peak periods and respond to sudden volume increases simply by adding more LocusBots.


Omni-ID is the Original Patent holder and leading provider of passive UHF RFID tags. We've solved the challenge of high-value asset identification and tracking across many industries. Omni-ID passive RFID tags with global performance and strong on-metal read range offer an affordable alternative to active RFID. Omni-ID?s portfolio of award-winning, industrial RFID tags and IoT devices offer a huge range of tagging, tracking, monitoring and alerting options across many industry sectors. Our complete solutions offer a wide range of performance, form factors and workflows to fit any asset tracking, material flow management or compliance application. RFID Tags for IT Asset Tracking and Management: RFID asset management makes it easy to track thousands of assets with speed, efficiency, and accuracy impossible to achieve with manual or barcode methods. RFID Tags for Manufacturing & Logistics: RFID applications enable a lean and efficient supply chain with bin-level inventory visibility and real-time movement accuracy. RFID Tags for Tool Tracking: RFID asset management enables tight control of work and tool movement without the inefficiency of manual or barcode job tracking. RFID Tags for Industrial Assets: RFID tracking of cargo and containers enables accurate, global visibility, status and security of cargo across all geographic regions, including the movement of goods through the warehouse, trucking, railway, shipyard, and ocean transport.


PCB:NG is your personal electronics factory. We have reimagined custom electronics manufacturing, making it simple and affordable to order electronics. We offer flat-rate pricing based on area and tools that make manufacturing easy (no previous manufacturing experience required). You upload your design, visual select and place components, and pay like any other comm transaction. You place the order, and we take care of everything else: we source the PCBs from our carefully selected fabrication partners, get the parts from trusted distributors like Digi-Key and Mouser, and then assemble the boards at our automated Brooklyn facility and ship the final product to you. We take care of the supply chain, logistics and manufacturing so that you can focus on what you do best.


PrecyseTech is a leading pioneer of wireless Remote Entity Awareness and Control (REAC) systems for remotely managing high-value physical assets and personnel. The PrecyseTech Product Suite is a revolutionary wireless real-time Remote Entity Awareness and Control (REAC) that surpasses the previous limitations of traditional RFID approaches. Introducing machine-to-machine (M2M) and Wireless Sensor Networks capabilities, the PrecyseTech solution delivers a single, unified information network for entity communication across enterprises. The foundation of the PrecyseTech N3 network protocol enables unparalleled operational scale and simplicity in deployment and maintenance. The product suite combines wireless sensor Smart Agents, network infrastructure and enterprise software to deliver end-to-end complete solutions for entity visibility and business process automation in the harshest environmental conditions. With unparalleled range, ability to send and receive communications in the most difficult conditions, wireless upgradability, and a wide variety of pre-packaged products to address varying location, sensing, and machine interface requirements, the PrecyseTech Smart Agent sets a new standard in automated data acquisition solutions at an attractive price point, enabling true scalability. The iLocate server is a unified data collection and integration platform that aggregates entity-generated information for critical enterprise systems such as ERP, BI, and CEP. The iLocate server includes advanced event processing capabilities, multi-instance location engines and centralized network management capabilities.

RF Code

RF Code?s asset management and environmental monitoring solutions combine powerful data centre management software, tightly integrated with a dedicated reader infrastructure and active RFID asset location and environmental sensors into a complete, end-to-end solution that delivers the accurate, real-time operational data you need to make the decisions that protect your data centres while saving time and money. RF Code's active RFID asset sensors are attached to each IT asset and enable automated IT asset management throughout the asset's entire lifespan, from the point of delivery, through deployment, to asset disposal. RF Code?s wire-free, easy to deploy environmental sensors provide the visibility and granularity you need to fine-tune the data centre environment. RF Code compact, easy-to-mount active RFID readers receive the data generated by our wire-free sensors. Working in conjunction with RF Code's infrared-powered rack and room locators, RF Code's dedicated reader infrastructure delivers continuous visibility into asset locations and the conditions that surround. Featuring long read-ranges and the ability to process and deliver the data generated by thousands of asset location and environmental sensors, RF Code readers simplify deployment and ensure continuous real-time data centre visibility.

RF Controls

RF Controls? suite of smart passive RTLS antennas is unique in the marketplace as the only true, passive real-time location system capable of operating across the global supply chain. The advanced engineering of this product has solved many of the shortcomings found in other legacy technologies. The key differentiation is the precision location of passive tagged items at distances long thought impossible. CS Smart Antenna Technology is the source of RTLS data which is filtered and customized from the RFC Operating System. It is an essential component to delivering hands-free, continuous, 3D location of RAIN RFID (Passive UHF) tags. Both the CS-445 and the larger A-302 have long read-range capabilities and flexible mounting options suited for high-ceilings and wide areas. RFC-OS is the core setup & administrative platform for CS Smart Antenna Technology. Together, the system Identifies, Locates & Tracks RAIN RFID tags (Passive UHF) in real-time. A variety of modules are used for run-time, configuration and integration. RFC-OS allows for the deployment, monitoring, and integrations to enterprise systems and it includes pre-integrated tools to aid in deployment, visualization, data analysis, and system health.


Samsara is the leader in Industrial IoT. Our mission is to increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of the operations that power our economy. Samsara?s portfolio of complete Internet of Things (?IoT?) solutions combine hardware, software, and cloud to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations. We serve over 15,000 customers across diverse sizes and industries, from transportation and logistics to field services, food production, energy, construction, local governments, and manufacturing. Our growing suite of solutions includes vehicle telematics, driver safety, mobile workflow and compliance, asset tracking, and industrial process controls - all in an integrated, open, real-time platform. The platform tracks fleet activity with custom Geofence Alerts, and get notified when vehicles arrive and leave a specific location, or when abnormal activity occurs. Zoom in on the time spent at each location, with Time on Site Reports to better optimize route time. Ensuring compliance with the ELD mandate and improve driver productivity, with an all-in-one app to log Hours of Service, complete DVIRs, capture documents, and more.

Shoof Technologies

We are an early-stage start-up and a pioneer of advanced wireless technology and collaborative network designed specifically for the Industrial IoT and the logistics market. Shoof connects and transports data from assets to the cloud in a reliable, secure, scalable and low-cost manner. Building upon advanced wireless technology with edge distributed intelligence, the Shoof solution combines the lowest infrastructure cost and a simple subscription business model.

SmartDrive Systems

With the SmartDrive program, fleets proactively eliminate risk and optimize operational performance by reducing collision frequency, exonerating drivers, lowering fuel and operational costs. Complementing the SmartDrive program is our new Transportation Intelligence Platform ? delivering breakthrough driving performance insights and analytic intelligence by fusing data from all systems, all sensors and the operating environment ? helping fleets improve fleet safety and efficiency, and manage an entirely new set of business challenges arising in the future. Our open platform collects massive amounts of rich data across your vehicle systems in real-time. As a result, we capture more risk ? like distracted driving, drowsy driving, unsafe following, u-turns and more. You get maximum insight into fleet safety, operational performance and fast, accurate results. The Transportation Intelligence Engine within SmartDrive SmartIQ analytics powerfully combines intelligent algorithms, predictive models and advanced analytics to identify risk and uncover the greatest opportunities to improve driver efficiency. It?s the cornerstone of our video analytics platform for fleets and the reason customers achieve faster safety and operational results and sustain them over time.

Starship Technologies

Starship robots are advanced devices that can carry items within a 4-mile (6km) radius. Our delivery platform enables a new era of instant delivery that works around your schedule at much lower costs. Parcels, groceries and food are directly delivered from stores, at the time that the customer requests via a mobile app. Once ordered the robots? entire journey and location can be monitored on a smartphone. Starship?s robots move at pedestrian speed and weigh no more than 100 pounds. They?re inherently safe and can navigate around objects and people. For security, the cargo bay is mechanically locked throughout the journey and can be opened only by the recipient with their smartphone app. The location of the robots is tracked, so you know exactly the location of your order and receive a notification at the time of arrival. The entire delivery platform is both energy- and cost-efficient and can be used for a large variety of tasks. In comparison to more traditional delivery services, things such as groceries, packages and food can be delivered for a fraction of the cost. Thanks to our proprietary technology, Starship?s local delivery system is highly efficient. As an electronically powered robot, our system is incredibly clean and incredibly green. It?s both good for the planet and for your business.


Tego is a complete asset tracking, supply chain and lifecycle management solution, providing edge intelligence in both disconnected and inhospitable environmental conditions. With 30 granted patents, Tego?s Asset Intelligence Platform (AIP) is a configurable, scalable, edge to an enterprise solution with industry-specific templates for rapid deployment. Tego?s platform is an interoperable system for building rugged IoT solutions. As the leading aerospace solution provider, Tego?s global customers include Honeywell, Parker Aerospace, and Collins. The company co-wrote the industry-standard about asset lifecycle management in the commercial aerospace industry and is bringing the solution?s unique capabilities to other industries where data on the edge and the ability to withstand rugged conditions are critical success factors. TegoConnect, our software application, seamlessly manages asset information and the business process performed on the asset(s). The communication occurs wirelessly but digital records are stored on the asset inside a TegoTag [TegoChip inside]. TegoConnect mobile sends all field activity logs wirelessly to TegoHub, our cloud offering when connectivity is available. Access to business process information in the field (disconnected) gives maintenance personnel full visibility into the asset?s history, allowing for optimal service and repair planning and execution.


With Viloc you can Locate & Recover your assets without the need for traditional-, power-consuming and expensive GPS-systems. Viloc offers a plug-and-play LoRa certified? tracker for wireless, low-power, low-cost asset management. At Viloc, we have developed a LoRa certified? tracker that combines the best of both worlds: LoRa and Active-RFID. By applying the newest technology, our Viloc Tags attain an average lifespan of up to five years on its built-in battery while generating up to 5 locations per day over LoRa, and 160 per day over Active RFID.


Vnomics? True Fuel product is rugged yet simple, incredibly powerful yet precise. Vnomics? roots in military technology ground the company and product in a can-do, problem-solving mentality shared by truckers. The only product of its kind, True Fuel uniquely assesses fuel economy by identifying the minimum amount of fuel required for each vehicle and driver to perform the trucking task at hand. True Fuel drives down a fleet?s fuel expense by focusing on improved driver behaviour. Using real-time in-cab driver coaching, automated reporting, and a simple performance metric, True Fuel is proven to reduce fuel spend by 3% to as much as 10% for any fleet-type, without requiring a significant amount of manual tasks. The True Fuel app can be installed on your existing telematics system, so there?s no need to purchase any new hardware.

Zebra Technologies

Zebra empowers those on the front line in retail, health care, transportation and logistics, manufacturing and other industries to achieve a performance edge -- an edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results. As the pioneer at the edge of the enterprise, our products, software, services, analytics and solutions are used to intelligently connect your people, assets and data. With decades of industry experience, we design with front-line users and workplaces in mind, providing the best-action guidance needed to optimize in-motion operations and make business-critical decisions. Whether you are responsible for a manufacturing warehouse, a distribution centre, or managing inventory in your retail backroom, being well-connected and having visibility into all your assets, people, and processes at all times is crucial to having an integrated, productive, profitable, and compliant supply chain. Zebra?s mobile computing, scanning, and printing solutions connect each operational area in your warehouse to give you the agility to realize transformational gains. Ensure flawless fulfilment from your floor to your customer's door by maximizing visibility into every leg of the journey. From proactive maintenance and route planning to final proof of delivery, your fleet will be operating at optimal efficiency to deliver fast, filled, on-time, and violation-free with Zebra's rugged, purpose-built hardware, partner software, and innovative solutions. Maintaining a safe, secure and efficient yard is a complex challenge, and having visibility into all your assets, people, and processes is paramount to your success. Zebra gives you the ability to streamline workflows and tighten security by continuously tracking assets, connecting your workforce, minimizing wait and turnaround times, and ensuring compliance?every step of the way.