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AMS Group

Australia?s Innovative Technology, Service and Support, provider to the Maritime, Aviation and Defence industries. AMSG is split into three subsidiary companies designed to provide expertise in their own fields of operation: AMS Maritime, AMS Defence, AMS Aviation. Our purpose: To deliver what we promise, consistently adding value to our customers and striving for excellence, championing innovation in all the domains we operate. AMSG has extensive experience in the specialised areas of maritime technology, systems integration and aviation life support systems, defence systems integration and support, enabling it to effectively and efficiently manage, construct and maintain aids to navigation networks, maritime information systems, aviation life support equipment, defence surveillance, radar systems and overall integration and associated maritime assets. There are a wide variety of services that AMS offers including:Vessel Tracking System/Asset Integrity Protection System, Design of maritime structures integrating them with latest technology, Supply, installation and maintenance of navigational aids, AIS, buoys, radar, sea level monitoring systems and meteorological ocean equipment, Design and integration of remote power systems, Construction and maintenance of maritime structures, Remote area logistics/maintenance, Large scale asset maintenance and management, Defence Radar Systems, Complex system integration, Integrated Logistics Support, Management and integration of technology projects, Supply and servicing of maritime and aviation safety apparatus, Facility and asset management (including remote monitoring), Asset integrity Protection System, Port VTS installation including radar integration, Buoy deployment/retrieval, Radio and Satellite Communication, Terrestrial telecommunications, DGPS, VHF, AIS.

Liquid Robotics

Liquid Robotics, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, designs and manufactures the Wave Glider, the world?s first wave and solar powered unmanned ocean robot. Based in Silicon Valley with an Engineering & Test Facility in Hawai?i, the Company works with global partners to address many of the planet?s greatest challenges, by transforming how to assess, monitor, and protect the ocean. Since 2007, the Company has conducted 100s of Wave Glider missions around the globe, from the Arctic to Antarctica, for customers in the Defense, Commercial and Science markets. Through their vision for the Digital Ocean, Liquid Robotics is working to network the ocean to enable economic growth, increase security, and ensure the sustainability of our planet.

Nautilus Labs

Nautilus is building artificial intelligence to advance the efficiency of ocean commerce. We deliver technology to help shipping companies minimize fuel consumption, maximize operational efficiency, and optimize fleet performance. By arming ship owners and operators with real-time predictive decision support, Nautilus is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making global trade sustainable.


OpenROV is the creator of low cost robotic submarines intended to make underwater exploration accessible to everyone. With a depth capability of 100m, the OpenROV kit, as well as the upcoming ready-to-fly OpenROV Trident are able to see parts of the world that have never been explored before. The aspiration of OpenROV is to not only change how many discoveries are being made about the least-known part of the planet, but also change who it is making those discoveries.


Saildrone designs and manufactures wind and solar powered autonomous surface vehicles called Saildrones, which make cost-effective ocean data collection possible at scale. We are building the world's largest high resolution ocean datasets, working with governments and private companies around the globe. We believe that better inputs in planetary models in turn yield better outputs and that the new insights gained in weather forecasting, carbon cycling, global fishing and climate change will have tremendous impact on humanity. Saildrone's patented wing technology was born from 10 years of R&D in pursuit of the land speed record. The company is headquartered in Alameda, California and is backed by Horizons Ventures, Social Capital, Lux Capital, The Capricorn Investment Group, Exor Seeds and The Schmidt Family Foundation.