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Atheer uses Augmented Reality and AI to empower front-line teams to perform mission-critical work. Founded in 2012, Atheer combines the power of Augmented Reality with machine learning and AI to deliver a secure, flexible, enterprise-grade platform aimed squarely at boosting productivity and speeding recovery. Atheer provides a strong foundation upon which any organization can create experiences, connections, and custom applications for their front line teams, allowing them to augment every workflow, process, task, and person ? simply and code-free. The new Atheer Front Line OS is a suite of AR and AI-powered applications to assist front line teams to perform mission-critical work. It?s loaded with features and capabilities that enterprise can begin using straight away. No coding is required.


Augmate is the leading device management solution for wearable technology and bringing the power of the distributed ledger to the Internet of Things. With Augmate, IT teams breathe easier knowing devices conform to internet security policies and protect corporate information while providing a seamless user experience for employees. Monitor a device's battery status and last location by implementing wearables in combination with Internet of Things technologies like locational beacons. The ability to manage an enterprise environment is a revamp on the traditional time and motion studies used to improve work methods. Keep up with the OS upgrades and security patches. Remotely install and uninstall applications, configures hardware permissions, and manage system-level settings on your networks' wearables beacons and other IoT devices at any time.


DAQRI, the leader in Professional Grade ARTM, empowers workforces to be more effective. DAQRI WorksenseTM and DAQRI Smart Glasses? link digital content to the real world to accelerate productivity, communication, and key business processes. From the office to the factory floor, DAQRI customers improve workplace efficiency, safety, and their bottom line. DAQRI Worksense is a suite of essential AR productivity tools for the digital workforce that enhances high-value, complex tasks with AR. As an out-of-the-box solution that runs exclusively on DAQRI Smart Glasses, DAQRI Worksense can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows to dramatically improve business processes. The ergonomic and modular DAQRI Smart Glasses are purpose-built with an intuitive hands-free user interface to enhance your team's productivity, efficiency, and safety. DAQRI Worksense operates exclusively on DAQRI Smart Glasses, creating an AR ecosystem that enables the next level of productivity.

Ekso Bionics Industrial Wearables

Our mission is to amplify human motion by enhancing strength, endurance and mobility across medical and industrial applications with advanced robotics. Designed to help patients stand and walk during rehabilitation, EksoNR and EksoUE work with clinicians to promote correct movement patterns in all phases of recovery and challenges patients as they progress toward independent ambulation. EksoVest is an upper body exoskeleton that elevates and supports a worker?s arms to assist them with tasks ranging from chest height to overhead. It is lightweight and low profile, making it comfortable to wear in all conditions while enabling freedom of motion.

Guardhat Technologies

The Guardhat safety system collects, delivers and analyzes data for those in production. The eco-system includes special wearable devices, a real-time positioning system, an IoT platform for collecting and transmitting data, software for data visualization and analytics. A system that allows you to keep abreast of all events in real-time. This is the next generation of industrial safety that is available to you now. Only Guardhat offers you a comprehensive real-time situational awareness system that features breakthrough technologies. Like connectivity hardware that doesn?t depend on unreliable remote servers and connections. And a customized real-time location system (RTLS) that locates personnel, assets and sensors with sub-meter location accuracy. Guardhat alerts operators and on-site personnel to hazardous areas, nearby equipment operation and restricted zones with the utmost precision. While, its IoT platform provides situational context and a better understanding of how people and assets interact ? a critical field of vision beyond an affliction-centred view. Which means you can make immediate decisions that prevent accidents, improve critical response metrics, and increase productivity, protecting lives as well as your bottom line.


Lumus products enable the fusion of the digital and physical world, allowing businesses and individuals to maximize the potential of augmented reality and smart eyewear today. Lumus has developed ground-breaking technology for see-through wearable displays, via its patented Light-guide Optical Element platform. Lumus technology makes possible the only sleek, natural-looking form factor, wide field of view, and true see-through optical engines available today. The augmented reality technology developed by Lumus is in fact already used by leading consumer electronics and smart eyewear manufacturers. Health care, the military, aviation, and logistics are among the industries that rely on Lumus for their pioneering AR applications. DK-Sleek provides powerful display optics in a side shooter configuration allowing a wide field of view in an attractive package. DK-Vision H provides incredible display optics in a top-down configuration allowing for prescription glasses and peripheral vision.


Nymi realizes that changing authentication solutions cannot result in trade-offs between data integrity, security, compliance, and productivity. Each critical success factor goes hand-in-hand. Nymi Enterprise Edition combines a highly secure, wearable device with an easily deployed enterprise software solution, to provide the world's strongest authentication solution to enterprises that are highly regulated, compliance-driven, and place a high value on data integrity. Pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries that deploy the Nymi authentication solution provide employees with a quick and easy way to achieve compliance and security standards without compromising productivity. Nymi Enterprise Edition is an industry-leading solution that makes audits simpler and less intrusive by ensuring uncompromised data integrity, traceability, and non-repudiation of a company?s electronic records. Each Nymi Band only works while on the wrist of an approved user and integrates with an organization's existing single-sign-on (SSO), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and Physical Access Control System (PACS). A Nymi Band remains authenticated until the approved user removes the band and cannot be transferred to anyone else. Any company that deploys Nymi Enterprise Edition has the highest level of assurance that only the right user performs the right tasks, at the right times, for the right reasons. The Nymi authentication solution enables a company to maintain compliance with stringent regulatory standards, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and ALCOA+. When using the Nymi Band, an employee needs to only authenticate once, at a time that is convenient for them. From that point forward, the Nymi Band will wirelessly communicate their authenticated state to all endpoints that require verification of their credentials. The Nymi Band can replace weaker approximations of identity, and eliminate the frustrations currently associated with authentication.

Osterhout Design Group

ODG is a leading wearable technology company that develops and manufactures mobile, self-contained and lightweight head-worn mixed reality smartglasses with photo-realistic imagery. The company is pioneering the next generation mobile computing platform, revolutionizing how we work, communicate and consume content. ODG?s R-7 smartglasses - shipping since the end of 2015 - were built for enterprise and industrial users and have been adopted by leaders in the healthcare, energy, transportation, manufacturing, warehouse and logistics sectors. The devices are revolutionizing multiple corporate value chains and making workforces more productive. Other products in the portfolio include R-8, the company's smallest and sleekest early-adopter consumer device, available the second half of 2017, and R-9 - the prosumer/light enterprise glasses, available the second quarter of 2017. The expanded R-series will produce the largest portfolio of mobile, integrated, high-performance smart glasses on the planet.


Parsable empowers industrial workers with modern digital tools to improve productivity, quality and safety. The Parsable Connected Worker Platform transforms static, paper-based procedures into mobile and interactive work instructions, enabling workers to leverage multimedia formats and collaborate in real-time. With Parsable, companies gain unprecedented insight into human work by capturing essential data to improve their operations at scale. A partner of the World Economic Forum, Parsable is trusted by top global companies in the manufacturing and energy industries including consumer packaged goods, resources and chemicals, packaging and building materials, and automotive and aerospace.


Upskill provides wearable technology to connect hands-on workers to the information, equipment, processes and people they need to do their jobs with greater efficiency and fewer errors. Powers smart glasses and other wearable devices from the factory to the warehouse to the job site to measurably and immediately improve productivity, quality, and compliance. Our platform, Skylight, connects front-line workers directly to the information they need to do their jobs better, with greater efficiency and fewer errors, while having their hands free to focus on their tasks and their tools. Using wearable devices, such as smart glasses, powered with Skylight, workers can look up product schematics, step through complex workflows, engage experts or supervisors from wherever they are in the factory or 1000 miles away, monitor data from nearby equipment, and record their best-practices to share with colleagues. Improvements in these processes increase the value each worker adds to the business without disrupting their routine or requiring burdensome training.

XOi Technologies

At XOi, we set out to build a solution that leveraged the power of photos and videos for accurate job site documentation, automating previously manual and time-consuming tasks, and building trusting relationships with loyal customers ? all in the midst of a growing skilled trades gap. XOi Vision is a cloud-based mobile application that uses visual intelligence to arm technicians with on-site digital resources + access to remote live support; reduce 2nd truck rolls and call-backs; increase profit margins on jobs; build trust and transparency with customers; win more business.