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Cafe X Technologies

Based in San Francisco, Cafe X designs, manufactures, and operates Robotic Coffee Bars that serve specialty coffee, tea, and more. The company?s mission is to increase productivity in the service industry through automation and is funded by investors including Craft Ventures, Jason Calacanis, Felicis Ventures, and The Thiel Foundation.


We?re part designer, part food revolutionary and part roboticist. We?ve solved some of the most complex mathematical and engineering challenges to bring the world technology that can touch billions of people. Creators are a motley crew of engineers, culinary scientists, human-centered designers, machinists, and tested fabricators. We?ve come from institutions like MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and some of the best junior colleges in our great nation. We?re formerly of places like NASA, Disney Imagineering, the Navy, Chez Panisse, and A?s Burgers. We came together to elevate something so intimate to everyone: food. In order to do that, we created design values for what a dining experience could be, set the bar for what culinary instruments could do, and defined new engineering possibilities. But we?re just getting going. That means that we got a chance to make history by building a better future. It?s an exciting time: while tech has made wonderful progress in drones and autonomous cars, an experience more common than driving, eating, sits in a constant state of tension. That?s because it?s a big, hard problem to solve. Technology must conform to nature, not the other way around. It?s both precise yet subjective; art has to meet science.


Monsieur is a cocktail ordering, preparation and service system that enables users to enjoy bartender quality cocktails in seconds, and tabulates detailed data on the businesses beverage operations. We are building the largest technology platform for the sale, marketing and consumption of spirits. There are three components to our technology, the machine which dispenses beverages, a mobile application available on Android and iOS, and a web based application used to manage and monitor machines remotely. Our system is utilized by consumers to prepare cocktails in their homes, yachts and private events, and by owners and operators of several commercial establishments to address many of the familiar, longstanding challenges of cocktail service. Monsieur helps reduce speed of service and the resulting lost sales, ensures high and consistent quality for every drink poured, is a cost and space efficient method to add alcohol service, eliminates the need for specialized human resources (bartenders) and training that is lost with turnover. The biggest issue for operators that we solve is inventory shrinkage due to overpours, theft, and giveaways, which averages over 20% and accounts for $7 billion in losses within the hospitality industry each year.