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Balena is a complete set of tools for building, deploying, and managing fleets of connected Linux devices. We provide infrastructure and tools for fleet owners so they can focus on developing their applications and growing their fleets with as little friction as possible. Our tools are designed to work well together as a platform, but you can also pick and choose the components you need for your project, and adapt them to your particular use case. We know that no two IoT projects are the same and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. All your devices and their running services can be managed, monitored, and updated through the web dashboard, or through our API via the CLI and SDK.We?ve solved the hard problems so you as the fleet owner can focus on your application, not your infrastructure.


Carriots is a leading global online platform for the development of IOT software applications. Born as a spin-off from system integrator Wairbut, a company that has over 10 years experience in engineering IT solutions for large international companies.

Estimote Inc.

Estimote, Inc. is a technology company creating what we like to call an operating system for the physical world. Our sensor-based analytics and engagement platform will change the way people conduct businesses in the real world, and the way consumers interact with physical products and venues. Our primary area of interest at the moment is bricks-and-mortar retail stores. More than 95 percent of transactions worldwide are still made in physical venues, and more than half of the consumers visiting these stores have smartphones that can use our platform. We make attractive and highly capable iBeacon devices, and SDKs that enable even non-programmers to integrate them with app platforms (Android and iOS). The growing popularity of communication technologies such as Bluetooth Smart has opened up totally new ways for people to engage with products and retail spaces ? our products empower retailers to take advantage of these possibilities. More than 50,000 developers have made use of our beacons, and we are currently piloting our solutions with the largest retailers in the United States and Europe. You can order a Developer Kit right now, consisting of our latest beacon devices and SDKs. This year, the Estimote Cloud and Content Management component have made our platform even more powerful and flexible.

Gambit Communications

Gambit Communications is a leader in network, SNMP and IoT simulation tools. MIMIC Simulator is a modular family of simulators used by leading networking vendors for use in network app development, testing to operator training and disaster simulations. Gambit's portfolio of many customers includes: IBM, JP Morgan, VISA, Shell, US Army, US Air Force, CA, HP, Cisco, Juniper, Intel, AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, Dell and many more.


Losant is an easy-to-use and powerful enterprise IoT application enablement platform designed to help you quickly and securely build complex real-time connected solutions. Losant uses open communication standards to provide connectivity from one to millions of devices. Losant provides powerful data collection, aggregation, and visualization features to provide you with new data insights. Losant is trusted by your development team and capable of driving business results. Start independently or if you want help to define and build your unique product, Losant?s experienced solution engineers are ready to work with you. Please connect at and follow us @LosantHQ.


Neura empowers organizations to drive strategic, data-driven decisions based on large scale human behavior and activity signals. Its Behavior Intelligence Platform transforms vast amounts of anonymized data into actionable, impactful and monetizable insights based on population behavior and lifestyle., Neura?s brand solution enables powerful audiencing and CRM enrichment, combined with highly effective, contextually relevant engagement, pinpointing optimal moments of, Neura?s COVID-19 solution equips policymakers, health organizations, and businesses with real-time tools to monitor, predict and contain the Coronavirus pandemic. Providing decision makers with the necessary insights to safely reopen the economy. The Behavior Intelligence data is also utilized by labs and HMOs as part of Neura?s ViruScore?, the world?s first-ever COVID-19 predictive testing solution enabling more effective pooled testing.


At Particle, we make tools for engineers and designers to create amazing new experiences through internet-connected hardware. We offer a suite of hardware and software tools to help you prototype, scale, and manage your Internet of Things products.

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Qliktag Software Inc.

Qliktag Software Inc. is an innovator of software solutions that bridges the gap between brands and buyers, fostering trust, stronger relationships and more personalized connections between the two. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, the Qliktag Platform is an IoT platform for enabling everyday items as connected smart products. It offers enterprises a robust, secure & highly scalable technology platform to enable a digital twin for each of your items with a unique internet identifier (The Qliktag) and tools to design interactions for those items, build business / consumer applications and smarter systems or processes on top of the platform with minimal code or development efforts. Smart products are essential to address Industry 4.0 challenges such as consumer transparency, product safety, traceability, anti-counterfeiting, recall management, sustainability, consumer engagement, consumer feedback and more. The Qliktag Platform offers all the tools and features to configure robust solutions and smart product applications with robust security and scalability. The platform is in use today within the global pharmaceutical industry, the CPG industry for food, beverages, non-food and household products among other segments.


SiteWhere is the Open Source Application Enablement Platform for the Internet of Things. Intentionally built for speed, agility, flexibility, and enterprise level scalability, SiteWhere?s platform provides out of the box support for device management, big data storage, analytics, and integrates with leading IoT and mobile hardware platforms including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, and many more. As an agnostic, middleware solution, SiteWhere eliminates the need for custom development, which enables our clients to focus on what they know best ? their business. This results in huge savings, an accelerated path to profitability, and enables our client?s to bring their IoT applications to market on time and under budget.

Tempo Automation

Tempo is the world?s fastest low-volume electronics manufacturer. Its connected factory is powered by proprietary automation software, creating an unbroken digital thread from design to delivery. This makes it possible for engineers to explore & realize ideas faster and better than ever. Whether they?re building products from rockets to medical devices to autonomous cars, today?s leading companies are racing to get their ideas and concepts to market faster. Hardware companies use Tempo?s service to rapidly iterate on their PCBA designs and get to market faster. Engineers simply upload a CAD design, get a real-time quote and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) feedback, track the order through each process, and get fully assembled boards straight to their desk. Tempo's connected factory creates an unbroken digital thread so every step of the process - from design data to machines to material vendors and to technicians - is interconnected, which results in customers being able to iterate 3-5 times faster.


Wovyn has developed a next-generation solution for connecting sensors and control to the Internet of Things! Our Wovyn Gateways connect our variety of Wovyn Sensors to the Internet via a user configurable variety of industry standard protocols. These same protocols will be supported for our Wovyn Actuators.