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Founded in 2011, Gogoro is putting energy into things that matter. With a mission to deliver consumer innovations that will improve how the world?s most populated cities distribute and utilize energy, the company is enabling the transformation of megacities into smart cities. Gogoro is working toward a better future by putting power in the hands of everyone ? to move us all forward, faster.


Hammerhead believes in a world where cyclists can use sophisticated, integrated software to achieve their athletic potential and enhance their rides.

Jump Bikes also known as Sobi

JUMP is bike share electrified. We create the hardware and software to take you farther, get there faster, and make every ride fun. JUMP bikes are designed in New York City by people who love bikes and care about the future of our cities. JUMP Bikes has been shaping the future of bike share since 2010. We brought freedom to bike share systems with Social Bicycles, the first ever smart-bikes with integrated GPS, payment systems, and locks that kicked off the dockless revolution. We?ve dropped 15,000 bikes into 40 different markets and clocked over 5 million rides over the past 4 years.


Lime is revolutionizing micro mobility and empowering a new urban lifestyle. The mobile app lets riders easily find and unlock our fleet of shared smart bikes and scooters, providing them with a fun, efficient and sustainable way to move around the city. By partnering with local communities, Lime is working to not only improve transportation, but cultivate a culture centered around active, healthy and sustainable urban living. Lime is based in San Francisco, CA, and is funded by leading VC firms including Google Ventures, Fifth Wall and Andreessen Horowitz.

Meituan Bike formerly Mobike

Mobike is a tech company solving the last mile problem.The world?s first and largest dockless bikeshare: pick up a bike by unlocking through the app and park at any public bicycle parking area in your local operating area. Mobike provides an affordable solution to urban commutes. Mobikers lead a healthy and dynamic lifestyle, reduce congestion and help to improve city life through big data analytics. Cycling Changes Cities. Mobike launched in Shanghai on April 22nd, 2016, and now operates in more than 200 cities around the world including China, UK, Japan, Italy, Singapore, France, Thailand, Germany and more. With over 200 Million registered users taking up to 30 million trips per day worldwide, the #MobikeMovement is changing the world.


Founded in 2014, ofo is the world?s leading ?station-free? bike-sharing platform operated via an online mobile application. Our mission is to solve the "last mile"? problem of urban transportation, helping commuters and travelers get to exactly where they need to go by making bikes accessible to everyone. As of today, we have successfully connected more than 8 million bikes in more than 170 cities in over seven countries. Our global community of users generates more than 25 million daily transactions. The ofo platform is easy to use. After downloading the ofo mobile phone app (iOS/Android), users may scan the QR code or enter the plate number displayed on each bike to receive a passcode and unlock it. Our bike-sharing system requires no docking stations, providing significant flexibility for users to find and return bikes anywhere, anytime. Once they reach their destination, the user may park the bike anywhere that is legitimate, convenient, and easy for the next user to access. But ofo does more than help commuters and travelers access bikes for getting around their cities. As a partner of the UN Development Programme, we are focused on achieving Global Sustainability Goals and promoting green and healthy living, and we have also launched a partnership with Rihanna's Clara Lionel Foundation to provide bikes and scholarships for schoolgirls in Malawi.


Superpedestrian is a transportation robotics company located in Cambridge, MA. Founded out of MIT in 2013, Superpedestrian develops technologies for micro-electric vehicles that optimize safety, reliability, and performance. Superpedestrian spent over 4 years developing its proprietary Vehicle Intelligence System (VIS), which was first introduced in the company?s consumer product, the Copenhagen Wheel. Since 2018, Superpedestrian has focused its efforts on engineering and validating its new electric scooter for shared fleets. In 2020, the company launched its vehicles under the brand name LINK. Featuring the mature VIS platform, Superpedestrian?s fleet scooter can detect and protect against more than 100 common malfunctions. This platform of embedded computers and cloud software enables Superpedestrian?s scooters to autonomously protect from damage during and between rides. Within nanoseconds, the scooters can detect potential problems such as battery fires, short circuits, or failed brakes, and take corrective action to avert damage. Vehicle Intelligence prevents over 50% of issues that would cause other scooters to fail, and streamlines operations if issues arise. If the scooter can?t protect itself, it automatically becomes unavailable for rental and generates a detailed service ticket for repair. The result is a substantial improvement in vehicle safety for scooter riders and major cost savings for fleet operators. Superpedestrian is re-engineering micromobility, one vehicle at a time.


unu was created to enable you to make the most of your life in the city. Designed in Berlin. Engineered in Germany. At home in all cities.Meet the unu Scooter: Electric motor, portable batteries, integrated navigation, shareable digital key and plenty of space for your stuff.