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C3 is a leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation. delivers a comprehensive and proven set of capabilities for rapidly developing, deploying, and operating large scale AI, predictive analytics, and IoT applications for any enterprise value chain in any industry. The C3 AI Suite and applications are proven and tested at petabyte scale, solving previously unsolvable challenges. At the core of the C3 AI Suite is a revolutionary and powerful model-driven AI architecture that dramatically enhances the productivity of data scientists and application developers while future-proofing applications against underlying IT evolution. The C3 AI Suite is 10 to 100x faster and more reliable than other solutions or DIY approaches, enabling robust delivery of production applications with 100x less code and cost. The C3 AI Suite seamlessly works with existing data Storage, sources, tools, and infrastructure investment, while flexibly operating in a private, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud environment. The C3 AI Suite supports configurable, pre-built, high value AI applications for predictive maintenance, fraud detection, sensor network health, supply chain optimization, energy management, anti-money laundering, and customer engagement.


Cloudera and Hortonworks have merged to become one company. At Cloudera, we believe data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow.Cloudera is building the industry's first enterprise data cloud ? a modern data architecture, for a data-driven world. Only Cloudera can deliver that powerful combination of capabilities from the Edge to AI?and beyond!History:Cloudera was founded in 2008 by some of the brightest minds at Silicon Valley?s leading companies, including Google (Christophe Bisciglia), Yahoo! (Amr Awadallah), Oracle (Mike Olson), and Facebook (Jeff Hammerbacher). Our founders held at their core the belief that open source, open standards, and open markets are best.That belief remains central to our values. Doug Cutting, co-creator of Hadoop, joined the company in 2009 as Chief Architect and remains in that role. Today: We have 3000+ employees doing business in 28 countries, 2000+ customers across all markets, and 3000+ solution and service partners.The world?s leading organizations choose Cloudera to grow their businesses, improve lives, and advance human achievement.


Devo unlocks the full value of machine data for the world?s most instrumented enterprises by putting more data to work now. With Devo, IT executives finally realize the transformational promise of machine data to drive breakthrough projects that move the entire business forward.D

EagleView Technologies

EagleView is a leader in aerial imagery, machine learning derived data analytics and software, helping customers in different industries use property insights for smarter planning, building and living. With 200+ patents, EagleView pioneered the field of aerial property measurements and has the largest multi-modal image database in history covering 98 percent of the U.S. population. With over 9.5 million linear miles flown every year, EagleView?s coverage is the most extensive and up to date, enabling local government and business customers to use the most accurate data to make timely and informed decisions.


Flutura is an AI Solutions company focused on improving two core business objectives of "Asset Uptime"? and "Operational Efficiency"?. We do this with Cerebra, our AI Platform tuned for IIOT in Oil & Gas, Specialty Chemicals, and Heavy machinery manufacturing industries, powering connected asset and connected operations use cases. Flutura works with many industry-leading names like TechnipFMC, Al Mansoori, GTT etc in O&G, Henkel in Specialty Chemicals and Hitachi amongst Heavy machinery OEMs. Flutura is backed by global Venture Capital firms and strategic partners out of USA, Singapore, and Japan and main offices are located in Houston, Palo Alto, and Bengaluru, India. Flutura has featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, Deloitte, Frost & Sullivan, Reuters etc. Global advisory company Gartner has named Flutura in the first ever ?Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Industrial IOT Platforms?. Only eleven (11) vendors across the globe have been mentioned in the MQ. Flutura is proud to be positioned in the Magic Quadrant in just 6 years of its inception and compared to billion dollar enterprises. Inclusion in Gartner?s Magic Quadrant is a recognition of Flutura?s vision, breadth and depth in the space of Industrial IOT analytics, as well as our growing set of international industrial deployments. Gartner mentions more than 50 Industrial IOT vendors in the report who were evaluated against 15 different criteria based on their ability to execute and completeness of vision. It included customer references, technical demonstrations, architecture reviews and direct conversations with customers across the globe. The Gartner Industrial IoT Platforms Magic Quadrant is available on If you have access to, the direct link to the research document is:


The COVID-19 pandemic has put the healthcare industry in crisis. Moving critical information into the cloud and maximizing the utilization of critical diagnostic machines such as X-ray, MRI, and CT scanning equipment are two essential strategies healthcare systems are employing to help meet this crisis. This equipment is highly capital intensive and it?s important to maximize their utilization. Predictive and prescriptive analytics play an important part in optimizing their use. Even a 1% increase in machine uptime can provide an additional 30 hours of productive time per year for that machine, leading to about $462,000 of potential incremental revenues per year for an average facility. For at least the next several months, hospitals and health systems will walk an even more perilous tightrope than normal. With significantly decreased revenues, maximizing the utilization of X-ray, CT and other modalities will be critical. Advanced analytics combined with access to large amounts of data in the cloud will help administrators navigate this difficult period and provide valuable lessons for the future


Iguazio provides a Data Science Platform to automate machine learning pipelines. It accelerates the development, deployment and management of AI applications at scale, enabling data scientists to focus on delivering better, more accurate and more powerful solutions instead of spending their time on infrastructure. The platform is open and deployable anywhere - multi-cloud, on prem or edge. Iguazio powers real-time data science applications for financial services, gaming, ad-tech, manufacturing, smart mobility and telecoms. Backed by top financial and strategic VCs including Bosch, Verizon Ventures, Samsung SDS, CME Group and Dell, the company is led by serial entrepreneurs and a diverse team of seasoned innovators in the USA, UK, Singapore and Israel. Iguazio brings data science to life.


InfluxData is the creator of InfluxDB, the open source time series database. Our technology is purpose-built to handle the massive volumes of time-stamped data produced by IoT devices, applications, networks, containers and computers. We are on a mission to help developers and organizations, such as Cisco, IBM, PayPal, and Tesla, store and analyze real-time data, empowering them to build transformative monitoring, analytics, and IoT applications quicker and to scale.


Kx is the world leader in high-performance, in-memory computing, streaming analytics and operational intelligence. The company?s focus is on delivering the best possible performance and flexibility for high-volume, data-intensive analytics and applications. Kx software includes the time-series database kdb+ with a built-in programming language called q, and a robust suite of visualization tools built on top of the database platform providing business intelligence for all users. The world?s largest banks, brokers, hedge funds and regulators rely on Kx technology to address the challenges posed by exploding volumes of data, regulatory requirements and the need for ever-faster processing in the global financial markets. Independently tested and benchmarked, Kx is unique. With more than 100 major global corporations as clients, Kx works closely with its user group to drive and prioritize its R&D to continually deliver innovation and real-world benefits, as well as supporting its customers? success with tools, solutions and services. As the Internet of Things creates never before seen volumes of structured machine data, new industries are embracing Kx technology?s proven ability to store and analyze data in real-time. Kx Systems, Inc. is a subsidiary of First Derivatives plc., which is quoted on the London Stock Exchange (FDP:LN) and is a global supplier of software and consulting services. First Derivatives has enjoyed double-digit revenue growth every year since it was incorporated in 1996. (Kx was acquired by First Derivatives)


MachineShop offers an API-centric middleware service that bridges IT (Information Technology) with OT (Operations Technology). Connected systems, devices, assets and data within the realm of OT are often silos that are inaccessible by important enterprise applications and decision-support systems. MachineShop's services connect (2-way), translate and normalize data from these systems and expose information and events via REST APIs. Complementing this data normalization capability are a rich set of services that apply business rules, event management, visualization, reporting and wide range of meta-services.

MapR Technologies

MapR Technologies (recently acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise), provider of the industry's next generation data platform for AI and Analytics, enables enterprises to inject analytics into their business processes to increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. MapR addresses the data complexities of high-scale and mission critical distributed processing from the cloud to the edge, IoT analytics, and container persistence. Global 2000 enterprises trust the MapR Data Platform to help them solve their most complex AI and analytics challenges. Amazon, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, SAP and other leading businesses are all part of the MapR ecosystem.


OSIsoft delivers the PI System, the industry standard in enterprise infrastructure, for management of real-time data and events. The PI System enables businesses to capture and leverage sensor-based data across the enterprise to improve efficiency, asset health, productivity, sustainability, quality, safety and security. Beyond being just a data historian, the open infrastructure connects data, operations and people to enable real-time operational intelligence and transform operations. With installations in 107 countries spanning the globe, the OSIsoft PI System is used in manufacturing, energy, utilities, life sciences, data centers, oil and gas, facilities and process industries. Founded in 1980, OSIsoft, LLC. is headquartered in San Leandro, CA, with operations worldwide and is privately held

Preferred Networks

Preferred Networks, Inc. implements Deep Intelligence throughout the Internet to integrate data from the physical and digital worlds.


Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) helps organizations ask questions, get answers, take actions and achieve business outcomes from their data. Organizations use market-leading Splunk solutions with machine learning to monitor, investigate and act on all forms of business, IT, security, and Internet of Things data. Splunk is the world?s first Data-to-Everything Platform. Now organizations no longer need to worry about where their data is coming from, and they are free to focus on the business outcomes that data can deliver. Innovators in IT, Security, IoT and business operations can now get a complete view of their business in real time, turn data into business outcomes, and embrace technologies that prepare them for a data-driven future. With more than 5,000 employees in 27 offices worldwide, we?re focused on creating lasting data outcomes for our customers.


Stratoscale delivers AWS compatible infrastructure and services that can be deployed in any enterprise data center. Stratoscale?s solutions include EC2-compatible and Kubernetes applications, S3-compatible, EBS-compatible and EFS-compatible storage, RDS-compatible databases, ELB-compatible load balancers, and EMR-compatible Hadoop. Stratoscale enables multi-cloud and hybrid applications while maintaining a consistent management using AWS APIs.


The Striim platform is an end-to-end streaming data integration and operational intelligence solution enabling continuous query/processing and streaming analytics. With Striim, you can get to know your data ? and sort out what?s important ? the instant it?s born. Striim specializes in integration from a wide variety of data sources ? transaction/change data, events, log files, application and IoT sensor data ? and real-time correlation across multiple streams. Add structure, logic and rules to streaming data. Define time windows for analysis. Detect outliers, visualize events of interest, and trigger alerts and automated workflows ? all within milliseconds. Striim is the only non-intrusive, enterprise-strength offering that combines streaming integration and intelligence in a single platform. Streaming data can be enriched with reference/historical data for instant context, at-speed and at-scale. And the entire solution can be built using a SQL-like language.


Timber makes logging useful again. Simple to set up, powerful search and filtering at your fingertips.


Timescale is addressing one of the largest challenges (and opportunities) in databases for years to come: helping developers, businesses, and society make sense of the data that humans and their machines are generating in copious amounts. TimescaleDB is the only open-source time-series database that natively supports full-SQL, combining the power, reliability, and ease-of-use of a relational database with the scalability typically seen in NoSQL systems. It is built on PostgreSQL and optimized for fast ingest and complex queries. TimescaleDB is deployed for powering mission-critical applications, including industrial data analysis, complex monitoring systems, operational data warehousing, financial risk management, and geospatial asset tracking across industries as varied as manufacturing, space, utilities, oil & gas, logistics, mining, ad tech, finance, telecom, and more. Timescale is backed by NEA, Benchmark, Icon Ventures, and Two Sigma Ventures.

Uptake Technologies

Uptake helps industrial companies digitally transform with open, purpose-built software that delivers outcomes that matter. Built on a foundation of data science and machine learning, our vision is to create a world that always works ? one where the machines and equipment we depend on daily don?t break, and industrial companies are once again the creators of economic growth and opportunity. Uptake is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and three-time CNBC Disruptor 50 honoree