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Abundant Robotics

Our mission: Deliver robotic systems for the hardest jobs in agriculture. As robotics researchers, we?ve broken new ground in a variety of domains. For the past two years we?ve focused on hard problems in agriculture and are spinning-out of SRI International to build products based on our successful research. Our customers are grappling with urgent problems and are incredibly enthusiastic about the solution we?ve demonstrated. We are global experts in our field, love solving important problems, like working together, and are passionate about building great products and working with like-minded folks.


Founded in 1977, afimilk Ltd. (S.A.E. Afikim) has become a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm, and for herd management. The company , since its inception, has been a leader through innovation: afimilk introduced the world?s first electronic milk meter more than 30 years ago, the first pedometer to monitor cows, the first dairy farm management software and the first online milk analyzer (AfiLab). These tools have enabled farm managers to improve performance and maximize efficiency, ultimately increasing profits. afimilk systems and products are in use worldwide. The company is active in more than 50 countries: thousands of farms, hundreds of thousands of milk meters, millions of pedometers. afimilk leading product line, is an automated modular system for intensive dairy farm management. The fully integrated software program, AfiFarm, collects information about each animal, builds a database and generates reports. This gives the farmer real-time information about herd health, milk quality and other critical factors, and enables well-informed decision-making.

Ag Leader

Ag Leader Technology, based in Ames, Iowa, has been a front-runner and driving force behind precision agriculture innovation since 1992. Ag Leader?s products are the most complete, user-friendly package of precision farming technologies. Its precision products are designed to help farmers plan, plant, apply and harvest more accurately, efficiently and profitably. In addition, Ag Leader has comprehensive data management software with the SMS? software family. Ag Leader also offers knowledgeable technicians who are dedicated to supporting Ag Leader?s products and customers.


People can solve natural resource challenges if they possess the right tools. Arable enables data-driven decisions in agriculture and natural resource management using Measurements that Matter. With real-time, continuous visibility and predictive analytics of over 40 metrics, the Arable Mark is a straightforward and versatile tool that can be adapted to any field's demands, and can satisfy any producer's need to know even the most granular tidbit of information about her harvest. Collecting data on rainfall, crop water demand, water stress, microclimate, canopy biomass, and chlorophyll levels can help farmers build on their own experience to refine crop growth, harvest timing, yield, and the ultimate quality of their produce. Arable's own output is never complete, but constantly improving to keep our contributions universally applicable, yet tailored to individual needs. We are defined by our users'? success.

Argus Control Systems

Argus Controls, part of the Conviron group of companies, is a pioneer with over thirty years of leadership and innovation in control technology. We believe in our vision of contributing to feeding the world, improving human health and protecting the environment by providing technologies that advance plant science and production through innovative horticultural control solutions, empowering our partners to succeed. Argus was among the first to use computers for integrating the control of greenhouse environments and irrigation systems. Today our systems are used in commercial horticulture, cannabis, research facilities, universities, and many other custom control applications at sites throughout the world. Our capabilities include facilities automation and specialty monitoring and control applications to support the needs of our customers.


Artemis is a Cultivation Management Platform (CMP) that enables growers to manage people, plants, process, and compliance all in one place creating a virtually risk-free operation. Artemis provides a bird?s eye view of productivity and compliance from seed to harvest, helping farms compete in a low-margin business. It?s easier than ever to monitor and manage multiple facility operations across your network remotely from your desktop, mobile or tablet.

Blue River Technology

We?re Blue River, a team of innovators driven to radically change agriculture by creating intelligent machinery. We empower our customers ? farmers - to implement more sustainable solutions: optimize chemical usage, reimagining routine processes, and improving farming yields year after year. We believe that focusing on the small stuff ? pixel-by-pixel and plant-by-plant - leads to big gains. By partnering with John Deere, we are innovating computer vision, machine learning, robotics and product management to solve monumental challenges for our customers. Our people are at the heart of what we do. Through cross-discipline collaboration, this mission-driven and daring team is eager to define the new frontier of agricultural robotics. We are always asking hard questions, rapidly iterating, and getting our boots in the field to figure it out. We won?t give up until we?ve made a tangible and positive impact on agriculture.

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ClimateMinder gives growers access to real-time actionable data anytime, anywhere. Reduce plant stress, verify irrigation schedules are being followed, and stop costly fertilizer leaching; the intelligence that ClimateMinder provides keeps crops healthy, profitable, and growing.


CropX is an ag-analytics company that has developed the world?s most advanced adaptive irrigation service, which automatically optimizes irrigation, thereby delivering dramatic crop yield increase and water and energy cost savings to farms. Land is not uniform, and so different parts of any ?eld require different amounts of irrigation. Current irrigation systems water ?elds evenly, thereby wasting water and energy and repressing crop yield, by inadvertently overwatering parts of a ?eld while under-watering other parts. This also results in harmful leachate and runoff of fertilizer and pesticide chemicals, which impact the environment. CropX?s service is the world?s ?rst and only automated adaptive differential irrigation solution, which successfully addresses this challenge. No other product automatically generates daily, accurate, hassle-free, irrigation maps, which apply just the right amount of water to different parts of the same ?eld. CropX?s technology was developed by a team of world-leading scientists and has been validated on-farm over the past ?ve years. And while the underlying science and technology are complex ? using the system is as simple and intuitive as using your smart phone. Importantly ? it is also risk free. There are no set-up fees or capital costs, and you only pay after water and energy cost savings have been demonstrated.

Dacom Farm Intelligence

Dacom allows growers and agribusiness to optimize the quality of the crop with our sensor equipment, data driven software and advisory services. It is our mission to provide growers and the agribusiness sector with data-driven advisory services throughout the world. Using intelligent analyses, all available relevant data is converted into concrete advice. This gives our users a better understanding of their business, and our solutions help them make better decisions. Get more out of your yield and have lower cost!


DroneSeed offers full lifecycle services for forestry management by using an efficient, cost-competitive fleet of drones to reduce reliance on manual labor. Founded in 2016 by eco-tech startup veterans DroneSeed first won the Beaverton, Oregon $100K Challenge. Shortly after, they were one of the nine startups out of 1,000 applicants to be selected for the TechStars Seattle program. Currently, DroneSeed is conducting several paid pilot programs, including a watershed restoration project with water utility Clean Water Services.

Farmers Edge Laboratories

Farmers Edge is a global leader in decision agriculture servicing over 20 million paid product acres worldwide with precision digital solutions. Integrating field-centric data, easy-to-use software, state-of-the-art processing technology, predictive modelling, and advanced agronomic analytics, we provide growers with scalable solutions to produce more with less. Founded in 2005 in Pilot Mound, Manitoba, the company has grown to a team of over 550 employees, operating in Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil and Russia. Using innovative digital agronomic tools, Farmers Edge solutions focus on the sustainable production of high-yielding, high-quality crops and are designed to optimize inputs, minimize environmental impact, and protect economic viability of the farm. From seed selection to yield data analytics, Farmers Edge transforms big data into timely and accurate insights to support informed decision making. With a network of specialists ranging from Solution Sales Specialists, Precision Technology Specialists, Precision Agronomists and Software Developers, we offer diverse roles that require an in-depth understanding of farming operations and advancing farm technologies. We offer in-house training, competitive salaries, health benefits and opportunities for attractive performance bonuses. Farmers Edge is committed to growing and retaining a diversified and passionate team that supports the fast-growing development and success of the company.


There is nothing more important to human civilization and our planet than farming: More than 7 billion people depend on farms for healthy and affordable food. Over 40% of land and 70% of fresh water globally is used in farming. Agriculture is a $3 trillion global industry, and the main source of employment in many communities around the world. Led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors, Granular is one of the first companies to apply Silicon Valley technology expertise to the agriculture industry. We use software and data science to transform farming, increase transparency, and enable new ways of doing business.

i-Linc Technologies

i-Linc Technologies, Inc. ("i-LINC") is a growing Atlanta, GA (USA) based company providing turn-key Smart Farming, and Smart Community solutions using Smart Sensors, Wireless Internet, Telemetry, and Portal Software providing decision support software for efficient management of resources. i-LINC's robust modular, flexible, and scalable portal solutions provide the information necessary to help make intelligent decisions for productivity improvement, efficient resource management, and allow scheduling and control of resources remotely via its patent pending Internet portal solution.

Iron Ox

Growing fresh and sustainable produce from robotic greenhouses. Our goal is to make high quality, fresh produce accessible to everyone.

John Deere

Deere & Company (NYSE: DE) is a world leader in providing advanced products and services and is committed to the success of customers whose work is linked to the land - those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world's dramatically increasing need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure. Since 1837, John Deere has delivered innovative products of superior quality built on a tradition of integrity.


OnFarm?s cloud based agriculture management software enables near plug-n-play adoption of hardware and data solutions from industry leading companies. Nearly any type of data is available in OnFarm from sensors, meters, controls, and equipment, through imaging. OnFarm transparently integrates the data into a customizable dashboard with forecasts and recommendations that enables the entire farming organization to make better, more informed decisions resulting in immediate impact on farm inputs, productivity, and profitability.


Phytech's PlantBeat technology is a simplified, alert-driven mobile platform which combines predictive algorithms and data analysis tools that integrate continuous crop health and supportive environmental data, distilled into real-time recommendations. Phytech is helping growers in their day-to-day farming decisions impacting both the quality and yield of their crops, while reducing water usage.Our advanced solutions use state-of-the-art sensors, wireless communication, and innovative software for collecting and analyzing data. With exstensive years of research and field experience, thousands of Phytech systems serve leading customers worldwide, helping them to achieve higher yields while minimizing the use of resources, lowering cultivation costs, and protecting the environment.

Prospera Technologies

Prospera is an agriculture technology data company that develops intelligent solutions for farmers to grow crops more efficiently. The company develops both Hardware and software solutions that collect and analyze multi-sensor data with state-of the-art machine learning algorithms.


Pycno started in the UK in 2014 as an idea, to develop innovative products for agricultural purposes. Throughout our interactions with growers, farm managers and agronomists, it was clear that a quick and easy solution to get data off of the field, visualize, and process it, was crucial. After countless prototypes, in mid-2015, we started developing a new all-in-one sensor. This sensor would incorporate all the pieces that are usually sold as separate parts, the sensing elements (such as a soil sensor), the RTU and SIM, and the receiving software. Because we started from scratch, we saw a lot of the issues that plagued the industry such as dated 2G and CDMA modems, no APIs, and convoluted RTU firmware versions that were incompatible to various sensors. For a new farmer, that wants to use sensors in their growing cycle, the state of the ecosystem is very intimidating. A typical grower has to gather the potential sensors types, RTUs, and software he/she wants to use, and contact each vendor to ask for compatibility. Pycno's sensors allow friction-less installation and data collection, together with a powerful software, an API and export tools, because you own your data!Fast forward to today and we are very excited to offer 3 different lengths of sensors (2G and 4G), LoRa capabilities and a weather station (coming soon). We are currently in more than 26 countries and looking for partners to join us on our mission to modernize data collection in the field.


Resson is a bioinformatics and predictive analytics company that uses large scale data analytics, together with drones and swarm robotics, to help large and small agriculture companies, agricultural service providers and individual growers boost productivity and profits with near real-time predictive analysis for crop management. The company?s RAMAS? (Resson Agricultural Management and Analytics System) integrates large-scale cloud-based data analytics with sensor fusion and robotic platforms to assess crop status and health, providing operators with the information required to optimize agricultural operations.


Semios is a scalable, data analytics platform for growers of tree fruit and tree nut crops that helps predict, identify, and prevent pest and disease pressure. The Semios analytics engine draws on multiple sources of data and information including a robust, wireless network of in-canopy sensors on every customer farm measuring climate, soil and insect pest activity. Leveraging a network of 500,000 sensors, providing updates every 10 minutes, we apply big data analytics and machine learning to reduce and mitigate crop risks for growers. Semios improves sustainability by promoting reduced dependency on pesticides and crop management inputs while helping to increase the value of harvests through reduced loss and increased quality.

Smart Farm Systems

Smart Farm provides farmers valuable, real-time, actionable information regarding the status of equipment and crops. In doing so, we help the global agriculture community conserve water, energy and fertilizer, reduce labor and maintenance costs, and increase crop yields. Smart Farm?s robust, large area 900 MHz wireless network and it?s intuitive, analytics-based user interface allow farmers to remotely monitor and analyze soil conditions. In parallel, farmers can monitor and control field-based equipment, such as irrigation pumps and grain silos. Our network does not rely on external satellite or cellular service and it can be readily deployed anywhere in the world.


Smartfield?, Inc is an information technology company focused on the agricultural industry. Specifically, Smartfield has the ability to apply science to the remote monitoring of plant health, trigger intervention actions and measure the efficacy of external treatment regimes. Our mission is ?To improve the profitability and quality of life for our customers by developing and supplying systems that provide actionable information how, when, and where our customer wants it.?

Spensa Technologies

Spensa provides vertically integrated precision pest management solutions for modern agriculture. Our long-term goal is to design, develop and deliver novel technologies for the agricultural industry that will reduce reliance on manual labor, foster eco-friendly farming, and enhance crop production efficiency. Our services and products leverage our world-leading expertise in wireless sensor networks, embedded computing, computer vision, and robotics.

Yara International

Yara delivers solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. Our fertilizers and crop nutrition programs help produce the food required for the growing world population. Our industrial products and solutions reduce emissions, improve air quality and support safe and efficient operations. Founded in Norway in 1905, Yara has a worldwide presence with sales to 150 countries. Safety is always our top priority.