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Hypersonix AI Platform powers intelligent enterprises with actionable Intelligence across their application systems. Hypersonix democratizes Decisioning by empowering every decision maker to get real-time intelligence, insights and recommendations to take timely actions leading to business success.


Every business needs artificial intelligence But not every business has the capability to build, maintain, and generate value from AI in-house. Peak makes AI accessible for all businesses, not just the largest enterprises. By harnessing the power of your data to assist ? not displace ? humans at work, we improve business efficiency and productivity.


Inventory Management

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Tulip Retail

Tulip is a mobile application provider focused on empowering workers in retail stores. Partnered with Apple, Tulip’s mission is to harness the power of the world’s most advanced mobile technology to deliver simple-to-use apps for store associates to lookup products, manage customer information, check out shoppers, and communicate with clients.

Profile picture of is a unified Visual A.I. platform that is redesigning the future of retail commerce. Using image recognition and data science, we help retailers generate product, and customer intelligence, and combine these with market insights, to power growth.