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223andMe, Inc. is the leading consumer genetics and research company. Founded in 2006, the mission of the company is to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome. The company was named by Glassdoor as one of the Best Places to Work in 2019, MIT Technology Review to its ?50 Smartest Companies, 2017? list, and named one of Fast Company?s ?25 Brands That Matter Now, 2017?. 23andMe has millions of customers worldwide, with more than 80 percent of customers consented to participate in research. 23andMe, Inc. is located in Sunnyvale, CA


3Scan is turning tissue biology and histopathology into data science, giving researchers the insights they need to break new ground. A one-stop shop for digital and computational pathology, 3Scan?s KESM produces digital 3D tissue models with micron-scale resolution at 400 times the throughput of traditional microscopes. 3Scan?s data platform enables quantitative image analysis of diseases like cancer, Parkinson?s, Alzheimer?s, and Huntington?s, opening up the potential for new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. Founded by Todd Huffman, Megan Klimen, Matthew Goodman, and Cody Daniel in San Francisco in 2011, 3Scan?s team of engineers, biologists and data-scientists is expanding its work into a suite of digital tools that will allow instant identification and classification of histopathologic features and tissue structures.

Anju Software

Anju Software is a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions to the life sciences industry. Anju provides an integrated platform spanning clinical operations, medical affairs and commercial divisions including integrated data intelligence. Anju has combined deep industry and software domain expertise to build a next generation platform for the life sciences sector that can scale to provide solutions that meet customers? needs from ?molecule to retirement?. Anju provides end-to-end software solutions that help customers manage mission-critical pharma processes and turn data into actionable insights. Anju?s philosophy is to support and guide clients over the long term in meeting their evolving software needs. Anju?s mission is to complement its strong product offering with exceptional customer support and delivering true quantifiable value. Anju solutions are used by large and small pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations (CRO), full service agencies and medical device companies. Data flow between our systems, seamless communication with third party systems and AI-based data mining solutions provide a unique way for our customers to leverage critical information throughout their ecosystem. Anju is a portfolio company of Abry Partners which is one of the most experienced and successful sector-focused private equity investment firms in North America. Since their founding in 1989, the firm has completed over $80 billion of leveraged transactions and other private equity or preferred equity placements. Currently, the firm manages over $5.0 billion of capital across their active funds.


Atomwise patented the first deep learning technology for structure-based small molecule drug discovery. This AI technology harnesses millions of data points and thousands of protein structures to solve problems that a human chemist would take many lifetimes to solve. We've partnered with some of the world?s largest pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies, and with more than 50 leading academic institutions and hospitals, to tackle the challenges of discovering and developing better drugs and chemicals. Recently, Atomwise raised $45 million from leading venture capital firms to support the development and application of its AI technology. We?re at a critical time in history where our need for new kinds of medicines is greater than any time in human memory. Fortunately, we can leverage advancing technology and scientific breakthroughs to accelerate discovery. New data, new algorithms, new compute platforms lift all of us, enable our work on the hardest of problems, empower us to invent and create, and ultimately make the world a better place.

Citrine Informatics

Citrine Informatics is the data platform for the physical world. Our platform ingests and analyzes vast quantities of technical data on materials, chemicals, and devices to streamline R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain operations for any organization that produces a physical product. Our users are scientists and engineers at large manufacturing and materials companies, as well as researchers at universities and government labs, and our platform is an essential workflow tool that enables these users to analyze tremendous quantities of technical data.

Clear Labs

Clear Labs is the only automated and intelligent diagnostic NGS platform. We help our customers capitalize on a new era of technology by seamlessly integrating DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, and robotics. The result democratizes genomics within settings never before possible. With these capabilities, Clear Labs has become a prominent and credible platform for safeguarding the global food supply and enhancing preventative food safety management systems. Now, we are leveraging our novel genomics platform for deep COVID-19 characterizing diagnostics. The world?s largest brands and organizations have implemented and are already realizing the advantages of the Clear Labs? system.


Color?s mission is to help people lead the healthiest lives that science and medicine can offer. We launched in April 2015 with a simple, affordable genetic test to help people understand their risk for hereditary cancer. In 2017, we added coverage for hereditary heart conditions. Between them, cancer and heart disease constitute the two biggest causes of death worldwide. In September 2018, we introduced a new health area, medication response, to help people understand how their genes may influence response to certain medications. By combining state-of-the-art software with clinical genomics, we?re building a personal health service that helps people benefit from the information in their own bodies. Early detection helps individuals create preventative plans with their doctors using appropriate screening guidelines relative to their personal and familial risk of certain diseases including cancer and heart disease. We?re making a huge impact in people?s lives. We?ve built a best in class team from Google, Dropbox, Pinterest and Twitter. Our product work is uniquely interdisciplinary - teams include scientists, doctors, designers, robotics engineers, and PMs. Lastly, we?re empowered by amazing investors including General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, Sundar Pichai, Laurene Powell-Jobs, Aaron Levie and Padmasree Warrior

Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics is using artificial intelligence to build a new universe of life-saving genetic therapies. The future of medicine will rely on artificial intelligence, because biology is too complex for humans to understand. At Deep Genomics, our geneticists, molecular biologists and chemists develop new ways of detecting and treating disease using our biologically accurate artificial intelligence technology.


DNAnexus combines expertise in cloud computing and bioinformatics to create the global network for genomic medicine. DNAnexus provides security, scalability, and collaboration for enterprises and organizations that are pursuing genomic-based approaches to health in order to accelerate medical discovery. DNAnexus is supporting customers around the world that are tackling some of the most challenging and exciting opportunities in human health.


Freenome is a biotechnology company on a mission to empower everyone with the tools they need to detect, treat, and ultimately prevent their diseases. By applying advanced machine learning techniques to recent breakthroughs in genomic science, Freenome is developing simple blood tests to detect early-stage cancer and make treatments more effective. The company has raised $238 million from investors such as RA Capital, Polaris Partners, Perceptive Advisors, Andreessen Horowitz, funds and accounts advised by T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc., GV (formerly Google Ventures), Roche Venture Fund, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, American Cancer Society?s BrightEdge Ventures, Data Collective Venture Capital, and Verily Life Sciences (formerly Google Life Sciences)

Genuity Science

Genuity Science is a contract genomics and data-sourcing, ?analytics and ?insights organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA with offices in Dublin, Ireland and Reykjavik, Iceland. Genuity partners with global biopharma companies to offer deep end-to-end discovery services aimed at catalyzing precision health and improving the quality of life for patients around the world. Services include population-scale, disease-specific data sourcing, high-quality sequencing, robust statistical analysis and software tools for analyzing large datasets and artificial intelligence (AI). The company operates advanced CAP/CLIA genomics laboratories in Woburn, Massachusetts, USA and in Dublin, Ireland and is deeply committed to data stewardship and data governance across its global offices.


iCarbonX is a technology company that is changing how people monitor and understand their health status and optimize their lives. We are building the platform and tools for digitizing, analyzing, and understanding life, and delivering intelligent products and applications?designed for every aspect and stage of life?to help everyone make smarter choices, every day. We?re inspired by every life on this planet, and by a commitment to apply intelligence not just to data, but to the ethical use of that data. Our mission is to bring people together to improve the human condition. We believe we must go beyond genetics to help people understand not just who they are, but how they are. We?re answering the ?how? by combining biological and behavioral data with artificial intelligence in a network where people can learn from their own experience and from others like them, creating a global map of human health across cultures and continents that delivers new information and new choices, for life.

Nanopore Diagnostics

Nanopore Diagnostics is developing a rapid and portable platform for counting microbes right at the point-of-need. By combining rugged portability with the ability to detect over 50 distinct microbial targets in one assay (bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic) the iNDxer offers a field-based screening and diagnostic tool not possible with the technologies on the market today. In addition it will be rapid and easy-to-use with a 30-minute sample collection-to answer turnaround time and a completely contained, all-in-one assay. Whether on the farm, food processing line, or human health clinic The iNDxer allows for microbiology lab quality testing to be conducted directly at the point-of-need.


Owkin is a French-American startup that deploys AI and Federated Learning for medical research. Our mission is to empower researchers in hospitals, universities, and pharmaceutical companies to: understand why drug efficacy varies from patient to patient, enhance the drug development process, and identify the best drug for the right patient to improve treatment outcomes. Our latest projects include: Mesothelioma research with Centre L?on B?rard published in Nature Medicine ( and the COVID-19 AI Consortium ( to bring breakthrough medical discoveries and actionable findings to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Our data scientists are among the best in the world, with several Kaggle Masters, DREAM Challenge top performers, and publications in Nature Medicine, ICML, NIPS and other top scientific journals. Owkin is backed by renowned investors ? such as F-Prime Capital & Eight Roads Ventures, GV, Otium Ventures, Cathay Innovation, and NJF Capital ? as well as a distinguished scientific board.

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Pathway Genomics

Since its founding in 2008, Pathway Genomics has been known for its dedication to innovation ? making them a leader in the commercial healthcare industry. Focusing on providing users with the most validated and personalized healthcare information delivered to any device, the company?s program with IBM Watson is the first of its kind to merge artificial intelligence and deep learning with precision medicine, applicable to both consumers and providers. Based in San Diego, the company?s CLIA and CAP accredited clinical laboratory provides physicians and their patients in more than 40 different countries with actionable and accurate precision healthcare information to improve, or maintain, health and wellness. Pathway Genomics? testing services cover a variety of conditions including cancer risk, cardiac health, inherited diseases, nutrition and exercise response, as well as drug response for specific medications including those used in pain management and mental health


We believe that genomics should be used as a preventative tool to catch disease before it happens - and that it should be available for everyone. That?s why we designed the most comprehensive, affordable, genetic test to provide you with a truly holistic and actionable way of improving your health - PhosphorusONE. This is is a genetic test that will actually have a meaningful impact on your life. PhosphorusONE looks at 375 genes that may increase your risk for cancer, heart disease, vision loss, infertility, neurological conditions, adverse response to pharmaceuticals or otherwise create risks to your health. Our rigorously validated, genomic technology, along with our network of genetic counselors, can help you be proactive about your health


SOPHiA GENETICS combines deep expertise in life sciences and medical disciplines with mathematical capabilities in data computing. Our mission is to bring data analytics solutions to market, to support healthcare professionals by maximizing the power of Data-Driven Medicine. We achieve this mission through the global adoption of SOPHiA AI, which is built using techniques such as statistical inference, pattern recognition and machine learning. This enables SOPHiA to provide equal benefits to all users, unite experts in a gold standard health tech platform, and motivate expert knowledge sharing for a sustainable impact on future patients. We want to contribute to make the global healthcare system more sustainable. It is our strong belief that digital technologies are the key to unlocking the era of Data-Driven Medicine, where secure data pooling and knowledge sharing will be extremely valuable for patients. By helping healthcare professionals leverage their expertise and work together as a community, patients all over the world can receive equal access to better diagnoses and treatments. Combining the first two pillars of Data-Driven Medicine, Genomics and Radiomics, we can ensure that the data used to help patients today will also benefit the patients of tomorrow.


twoXAR Pharmaceuticals has built a development portfolio targeting 18+ different diseases. twoXAR?s unique approach to drug discovery combines steps from the traditional multi-step approach to R&D that severely limits the pace of drug discovery. This novel method ? coupled with the company?s proprietary AI-driven platform ? enables twoXAR to select a disease and initiate in vivo testing in months, instead of years.


Verily's mission is to make the world?s health data useful so that people enjoy longer and healthier lives. The company was launched in 2015 and is a subsidiary of Alphabet. Verily develops tools and devices to collect, organize and activate health data, and creates interventions to prevent and manage disease. The company partners with leading life sciences, medical device and government organizations, using deep Hardware, software, scientific, and healthcare expertise to enable faster development, meaningful advances, and deployment at scale.


We are a science and material innovation company rethinking biology and reimagining the world. A World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, we partner with nature to create never-before imagined materials and products across industries ? from agriculture to electronics, consumer care to pharmaceuticals, and more. Our company creates sustainable materials that are in use today, delivering value for Fortune 1000 companies with over $1 billion worth of products using Zymergen microbial innovations sold to date. At Zymergen we make tomorrow.