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AiCure is an AI and advanced data analytics company that monitors patient behavior and enables remote patient engagement in clinical trials. AiCure improves predictability of study timelines, reduces costs and accelerates timelines through remote patient engagement and assessments, including measuring digital biomarkers and real-time monitoring of patient dosing. Founded in 2010 and funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and leading institutional investors, AiCure has more than 65 issued patents and works with global clients in over 30 countries.


Arterys was founded to facilitate the global advancement of medicine through data, artificial intelligence and technology. Because a significant proportion of the world's medical data resides in medical images, Arterys set out to tackle several issues around the space, including the enormous workloads radiologists face, the lack of accuracy with many of today's tools, and the need for increased consistency across practices. The company was the first to receive FDA clearance for a cloud-based product with Artificial Intelligence, and currently has 5 FDA clearances, and is active in 28 countries. Arterys continues to focus solving some of radiology's most pressing needs. By making imaging diagnostics quantitative, intelligent and available, Arterys seeks to improve the lives of millions of patients. Arterys has offices in San Francisco, Calgary and Paris.

Babylon Health

babylon is the U.K?s leading digital healthcare service. Our purpose is to democratise healthcare by putting an accessible and affordable health service into the hands of every person on earth. In order to achieve this babylon has brought together one of the largest teams of scientists, clinicians, mathematicians and engineers to focus on combining the ever growing computing power of machines with the best medical expertise of humans to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalised health service and make it universally available. Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), babylon offers users a personal health service by providing immediate access to General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctors and British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) registered therapists. Founded in January 2013 and launched to the public in April 2014, the service now covers over 800,000 people globally, with local services operating out of the U.K, Ireland and recently launched for East Africa in Rwanda. A number of leading health insurance providers, including Bupa and Aviva, plus over 120 other companies have also partnered with babylon to offer its services to their employees as part of their benefits packages


BenchSci's vision is to bring medicine to patients 50% faster by 2025. We're doing this by empowering scientists with the world?s most advanced biomedical artificial intelligence to run more successful experiments. Backed by F-Prime, Gradient Ventures (Google?s AI fund), and Inovia Capital, our platform accelerates science at 15 top 20 pharmaceutical companies and over 4,300 leading research centers worldwide.


BenevolentAI is the global leader in the development and application of artificial intelligence (?AI?) for scientific innovation. We aim to accelerate the journey from inventive ideas to medicines for patients by developing AI to generate new treatments for some of the world?s 8,000 untreated diseases. Our team of technologists, AI researchers, and scientists builds and applies AI to the entire drug discovery and development process. The technology unlocks what is not known by creating new ideas based on established facts to provide a different understanding of disease, which leads to inventive steps and real insights that drive the development of new medicines and treatments. The goal? To get the right treatments to the right patients at the right time

Buoy Health

Buoy builds a free digital health tool that helps people ? from the moment they get sick ? start their health care on the right foot. Started by a team of doctors and computer scientists working at the Harvard Innovation Laboratory in Boston MA, Buoy was developed in direct response to the downward spiral we?ve all faced when we attempt to self-diagnose our symptoms online. Buoy leverages artificial intelligence ? powered by advanced machine learning and proprietary granular data - to resemble an exchange you would have with your favorite doctor ? to provide consumers with a real-time, accurate analysis of their symptoms and help them easily and quickly embark on the right path to getting better.

Caption Health

Caption Health was founded in 2013 on a simple but powerful concept: what if we could use technology to emulate the expertise of highly trained medical experts and put that ability into the hands of every care provider? Our vision is to move specialty diagnostics and decision-making to the point of care for every patient exam. Caption AI empowers healthcare providers with new capabilities to acquire and interpret ultrasound exams.


Our Mission: to make healthcare affordable, accessible, and standardized for all patients and doctors. CloudMedx is transforming healthcare delivery using Artificial Intelligence with an altruistic focus to create "Aligned Intelligence," an integrated system that joins Payers, Providers, and Patients to serve their needs. CloudMedx uses AI to enhance existing workflows and generate automated clinical insights, which in turn, improve operations, case management, and patient engagement for healthcare organizations. By giving doctors the relevant information they need to do their job, CloudMedx's predictive analysis platform is facilitating personalized patient care. Supporting some of the top hospitals and payers in the country, CloudMedx integrates natural language understanding (NLU) and deep learning with major EHRs and healthcare organizations nationwide.

Clover Health

Clover Health is a data driven health insurance startup driving to improve the overall state of healthcare in America. We are hiring software engineers, data scientists, designers and product folks who can help us understand our members? wellness and steer them clear of any health risks down the road. Unlike other health insurance companies also embracing preventive health, Clover?s Medicare is built on technology from the ground-up. Integrating our systems with doctors, clinicians, and nurse practitioners, Clover?s data team helps healthcare professionals in the field intervene directly into patients? wellness to help them avoid acute health episodes. If you?re a passionate person and interested in changing healthcare for the better, then Clover may just be the place for you


Datavant connects healthcare data to eliminate the silos of healthcare information that hold back innovative medical research and improved patient care. We help data owners manage the privacy, security, compliance, and trust required to enable safe data sharing. Datavant's vision is backed by Roivant Sciences, Softbank, and Founders Fund, and combines technical leadership and healthcare expertise. Datavant is located in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District


Enlitic is shaping the next generation of diagnostic healthcare tools to help patients around the globe. By using AI and deep learning, we help Radiologists identify diseases and medical issues (e.g cancers and tumors) more accurately and earlier. We believe we are working on one of the biggest social impact opportunities in healthcare and are deploying our technology around the globe in areas that lack proper specialists, helping patients get diagnosed quickly with more accuracy.

Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health?s mission is to improve lives by learning from the experience of every cancer patient. Please visit our website for our open positions.


Ginger is reinventing mental healthcare by coupling data science and virtual delivery to provide immediate, personal support for anyone. Care from our on-demand mental health system is delivered through the Ginger app, available on iOS and Android, where members can conveniently connect with Ginger?s team of behavioral health coaches - 24/7, 365 days a year. For those in need of additional support, a therapist or psychiatrist can be added to their care team. Over half a million people have access to Ginger through leading employers, health plans, and other partners. The World Economic Forum has identified Ginger?s AI technology as a Technology Pioneer, and the company was recognized as one of the top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Healthcare by Fast Company.


Glow is an ambitious enterprise that uniquely applies the power of data science to health. Our personal health tracking products illuminate health through data, and empower people with new information about their bodies. We?ve also created a thriving Community in which women across all stages in life, all over the world, support and learn from each other about every topic imaginable. We aspire to bring a new face, new data, and new solutions to broken systems in the $2.5 trillion healthcare industry. Our goal is to enable people to manage their health in a whole new way. We've started with four mobile apps on iOS and Android: Eve by Glow, Glow, Glow Nurture, Glow Baby...and this is just the beginning. We?ve got an amazing team, and we're looking to grow. If you aren?t afraid of big problems and unchartered waters, then we want to talk to you.


HealthTap combines proprietary technology and its network of certified doctors to deliver real-time access to high-quality, affordable primary care. HealthTap members enjoy 24/7 access to virtual doctor visits from any digital device, with an average wait time of less than 1 minute, as well as submit written questions to doctors. HealthTap AI triages symptoms and gives guidance based on a person?s specific traits and even geographical area. With HealthTap, businesses can offer primary care to workers for less than they typically spend providing free coffee. HealthTap is available throughout North America, and has provided more than 100,000 virtual doctor visits to date.

Human Diagnosis Project

The Human Diagnosis Project (also referred to as ?Human Dx?) is a worldwide effort to build an open medical intelligence system that maps the steps to help any patient. By combining collective intelligence with machine learning, Human Dx intends to enable more accurate, affordable, and accessible care for all

Imagen Technologies

Imagen is a healthcare company whose mission is to save patient lives by making accurate medical image interpretation universally available and affordable. Currently, over two-thirds of the world?s population doesn?t have access to basic radiology services. Through our technology and close collaboration with world-leading clinicians, we believe that we can do something about it. We take an interdisciplinary approach: we are a team of experts in machine learning, healthcare, software engineering, and regulatory affairs who research and develop assistive software for clinicians. Our FDA-cleared software analyzes the content of medical images and produces diagnoses, improving the diagnostic accuracy of clinicians by highlighting detected pathology. We are advised by some of the world?s leading scientists and medical researchers, including Turing Award winner Yann LeCun. We have raised over $60M from leading investors including GV, DFJ, and Zach Weinberg.


We are creative minds reimagining healthcare. Evidens enables collaborative AI by providing outcome-based structured clinical data and federated learning capabilities across multiple sources and researchers, to truly enable AI-driven discovery at scale. RESEARCH Imagia?s Evidens Platform transforms routine clinical patient data, designed to deliver care, into outcome-based structured information appropriate for AI biomarker discovery. It is purpose-designed for clinical researchers and healthcare partners to use AI and validate clinical insights without needing to be AI experts. COMMERCIALIZATION Imagia Healthcare delivers AI clinical solutions to our B2B partners, as R&D tools, digital health products, or fully regulated software-as-medical-devices validated through our ISO13485 MDSAP certified quality system


Innovaccer Inc is a leading healthcare data activation platform company focused on delivering more efficient and effective healthcare through the use of pioneering analytics and transparent, clean, and accurate data. Innvoaccer?s aim is to simplify complex data from all points of care, streamline the information, and help organizations make powerful decisions and realize strategic goals based on key insights and predictions from their data. Its products have been deployed across more than 500 locations with over 10,000 providers leveraging it at institutions, governmental organizations, and several corporate enterprises such as Mercy ACO, StratiFi Health, Catalyst Health Network, Osler Health Network, and PHIX HIE. Innovaccer is based in San Francisco with offices around the United States and Asia.


Kyruus delivers leading enterprise provider search and scheduling solutions that help health systems match patients with the right providers across points of access. Powered by a robust provider data management platform, the ProviderMatch suite of applications - for consumers, access centers, & referring providers - enables health systems to enhance the patient experience and better align patient demand with network capacity.


LeanTaaS is a software company whose offerings rely on advanced data science to significantly improve the operational performance of hospitals and clinics. Using LeanTaaS iQueue in conjunction with their existing EHR's, healthcare institutions are developing optimized schedules that are tailored to each site and can rapidly reduce patient wait times and operating costs while increasing patient access and satisfaction, care provider satisfaction, and asset utilization. It uses lean principles and predictive analytics to help healthcare providers improve operations to increase patient access, decrease wait times, and reduce healthcare delivery costs. LeanTaaS was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. iQueue for Infusion Centers: iQueue for Infusion Centers is a lightweight, cloud-based SaaS solution that digitally transforms core operational processes in infusion centers. The solution helps flatten chair utilization throughout the day to increase patient access, decrease wait times, improve nurse satisfaction, and reduce infusion delivery costs.


Our mission is to make the world more resilient to epidemics. We support decision makers across government and industry to make data-driven decisions. We work to estimate, mitigate, and manage epidemic risk, supporting global health security and sustainable development. We provide data, analytics, advice, and training to prepare for global health threats and mitigate their impacts. Metabiota has over a decade of experience partnering with industry and governments worldwide to build resilience to epidemics and protect global public health. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with additional offices in Washington DC, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Metabiota?s team includes global leaders in epidemiology, veterinary medicine, laboratory science, data science, actuarial science, social science, and political economics, and serves some of the most respected customers in the corporate, insurance, government, and multilateral sectors


Olive builds artificial intelligence and RPA solutions that empower healthcare organizations to improve efficiency and patient care while reducing costly administrative errors.


Ovia Health is the leading maternity and family benefits solution for employers and health plans. Ovia Health's benefits help women and parents grow their families and their careers, while reducing healthcare costs, improving clinical outcomes, and helping employers retain and attract talent. Our consumer apps, Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy, and Ovia Parenting, help women and families make important life and health decisions on the parenthood journey. Our apps are available on the App Store and Google Play: Since launching in 2012, Ovia Health has supported over 10 million people and is the #1 health app for women and families


Our mission is to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer by providing pathologists, clinicians and researchers with insights drawn from decades of data diagnosed by world experts in cancer care.?


PathAI's mission is to improve patient outcomes with AI-powered pathology. Our platform promises substantial improvements to the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficacy of treatment of diseases like cancer, leveraging modern approaches in machine learning. We are a company of diverse employees with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Our world class team is passionate about solving challenging problems and making a huge impact. Our office is located in the heart of Fenway. PathAI was recently voted one of BBJ's Best Places to Work!


PatientsLikeMe is the world?s largest personalized health network. 650,000+ people living with 2,900 conditions have generated more than 43 million data points, creating an unprecedented source of real-world evidence and opportunities for continuous learning. Everything members have shared empowers the community with personal agency, establishing PatientsLikeMe as a clinically robust resource that has published more than 100 research studies. Through continued advancements in our learning health network, and by connecting with a community of people like them, patients can discover new paths forward to improve their health today, and in the future.


Prognos Health is a healthcare AI company focused on predicting disease to drive decisions earlier in healthcare in collaboration with Payers, Life Sciences, and Diagnostics companies. The Prognos Registry is the largest source of clinical diagnostics information covering 50 disease areas, with over 28B medical records for 250M patients. Prognos has 1000 proprietary and learning clinical algorithms. Prognos enables its clients earlier patient identification for enhanced treatment decision-making, risk management and quality improvement. The company is supported by a $42M investment from Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. (NYSE: SFE), Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (GHIF), Cigna (CI), GIS Strategic Ventures, Hikma Ventures, Hermed Capital, and Maywic Select Investments


Qventus? mission is to simplify how healthcare operates so it just works ? for everyone. The company offers an AI-based software platform that helps hospital teams make better operational decisions in real-time. Qventus addresses operational challenges across the hospital including emergency departments, perioperative areas, patient safety, in-patient, outpatient and pharmacy. Located in Silicon Valley, Qventus is honored to be working with leading public, academic and community hospitals across the United States. Founded in 2012, Qventus was named among Fast Company?s Most Innovative Companies for 2018. The company has also been recognized as a leader and innovator in operational excellence, with the 2016 Fierce Innovations Award in Healthcare and Healthcare Informatics 2017 Innovator Award.

Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Recursion is a clinical-stage biotechnology company combining experimental biology and automation with artificial intelligence in a massively parallel system to efficiently discover potential drugs for diverse indications, including genetic disease, inflammation, immunology, and infectious disease. Recursion applies causative perturbations to human cells to generate disease models and associated biological image data. Recursion?s rich, relatable database of more than a petabyte of biological images generated in-house on the company?s robotics platform enables advanced machine learning approaches to reveal drug candidates, mechanisms of action, and potential toxicity, with the eventual goal of decoding biology and advancing new therapeutics to radically improve lives. Recursion is headquartered in Salt Lake City.


Tempus is making precision medicine a reality by applying AI in healthcare, deriving insights from our expansive library of clinical data and molecular data. We enable physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions to deliver personalized care and targeted therapies for patients through our analytical machine learning platform that uses the power of artificial intelligence in healthcare. We also work with partners to facilitate discovery, development, and delivery of optimized therapeutic options for patients through distinctive solution sets. Our mission is for each patient to benefit from the treatment of others who came before by providing the healthcare industry tools that learn as we gather more data. It?s About Time.

Zebra Medical Vision

Zebra in medicine terms means - a very surprising diagnostic. We are a next generation medical data research platform that will produce the needed amount of machine learning algorithms to provide scalable diagnostic to the next 1 billion people to join middle class. Zebra Medical Vision?s Imaging Analytics Platform allows healthcare institutions to identify patients at risk of disease and offer preventative treatment pathways to improve patient care. The company?s AI solutions analyze millions of clinical imaging data in real time, detecting various medical indications, enabling it to be the only AI Medical Imaging company with such a wide range of products. Zebra Medical Vision is the only company that provides an All-In-One (AI1) Solution - access to all of Zebra?s AI solutions, integrated into radiologist workflow at an affordable, fixed annual fee. Zebra has secured multiple regulatory approvals, such as FDA and CE marks and is installed in hospitals globally. The company has raised $50 million in funding to date and was named in Fast Company?s Top-5 AI and Machine Learning company.