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Airbyte is the new open-source data integration platform that syncs data from applications, APIs & databases to data warehouses, lakes and other destinations.


Alooma enables businesses to use all of their data to make better data-driven decisions. With its Data Pipeline as a Service platform it provides Data Scientists and Data Engineers the ability to integrate, clean, enrich and bring together data from various data silos at any time to any destination. Connecting hundreds of destinations together including data sources, applications and data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Salesforce, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, Looker and Tableau. Alooma?s secure modern Data Pipeline as a Service is designed to address the key data integration requirements of cloud data warehouses, modern analytics solutions, mobile, IoT, web, and cloud apps: i) ensuring data integrity when things fail, ii) achieving predictable high volume scalability, iii) transforming data in real-time on the fly, iv) supporting flexible schema, data models and data types.


We make data integration and Big Data Management easy. Our solutions help you move, prepare and analyze your data more efficiently to streamline your operations, increase productivity and improve your decision making. Follow us for updates on Big Data, Data Management, Enabling Technologies, Innovation and Industry Best Practices.

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CData Software

CData Software is a leading provider of data access and connectivity solutions. We specialize in the development of Drivers and data access technologies for real-time access to on-line or on-premise applications, databases, and Web APIs. Our drivers are universally accessible, providing access to data through established data standards and application platforms such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OData, SSIS, BizTalk, Excel, etc. Our goal is to simplify the way you connect to data. We offer a straightforward approach to integration, with easy-to-use, data providers, drivers, and tools accessible from any technology capable of interacting with major database standards. This approach to integration allows businesses to realize the tremendous benefits and costs savings of integration while reducing complexity and expense.

Enigma Technologies

Enigma builds world-class data infrastructure, developer-friendly APIs, and intelligent tools to automate trusted decisions about every business. We're focused on making B2B risk frictionless so that our customers can focus on growing their businesses and radically improving their products and experiences. Founded in 2011, Enigma has raised $130M of capital from major venture capital firms such as NEA, Comcast Ventures, and Third Point, as well as global financial companies such as BB&T, Two Sigma, and Capital One.

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Fishtown Analytics

Fishtown Analytics is on a mission to help analysts create and disseminate organizational knowledge. Fishtown Analytics pioneered the practice of analytics engineering, built the primary tool in the analytics engineering toolbox–dbt—and has been fortunate to see a fantastic community coalesce around the analytics engineering workflow. Today there are 4000+ companies using dbt; 11,000+ folks in the dbt Slack community; and 600+ dbt Cloud customers.

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Funnel is a marketing data platform that collects siloed data from all of your different channels, such as Google Ads and Facebook, before applying transformation and feeding it into the other tools you use. With direct connections to all major reporting tools, business intelligence solutions and data warehouses, we ensure that your data is always up-to-date and available where you need it. We believe that anyone should be able to understand, transform and create valuable insights from their data. That’s why we’ve created a user-friendly platform that you can utilize without needing to code or create complex formulas. We empower marketing teams to work autonomously, which frees analysts and technical teams from repetitive tasks to focus on the things that really make a difference to your business. We want to help you build a future-proof, data-driven culture and give your company a competitive edge. We’re not a vendor - we’re a committed partner that will be with you every step of the way. Digital Marketing leaders around the world including, Adidas, Havas Media, Trivago, Samsung and hundreds of others, rely on Funnel as the essential foundation for their digital marketing, enabling growth while optimizing the impact of every digital marketing investment.

Profile picture of is a Web Data Integration (WDI) platform, which allows people to convert unstructured web data into a structured format by extracting, preparing and integrating web data for consumption in analytic platforms or used in business, sales or marketing applications. provides a visual environment for automating the workflow of extracting and transforming web data. After specifying the target website url, the web data extraction module provides a visual environment for designing automated workflows for harvesting data, going beyond HTML parsing of static content to automate end user interactions yielding data that would otherwise not be immediately visible. Once extracted, the software provides full data preparation capabilities that are used for harmonizing and cleansing the web data and offers a library of spreadsheet-like functions enabling the end user to build custom formulas that can be used to enrich the dataset. For consuming the results, provides several options. It has its own visualization and dashboarding module to help business analysts gain the insights that they need, and it also provides APIs that offer full access to everything that can be done on their platform, allowing web data to be integrated directly into their own applications.

Informatica Data Governance

Data is changing the world. Data is powering the world's leading innovations ? from autonomous vehicles to AI-powered neural networks. At Informatica, we call this Data 3.0?when next-generation intelligent enterprises leverage data to make possible what never existed before. Informatica is the only proven Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader that accelerates data-driven digital transformation. Today?s intelligent enterprise is fueled by data and that data must be properly managed, governed, protected, and utilized ? this is where Informatica drives next-generation innovation with its Intelligent Data Platform?. Our Intelligent Data Platform, a complete and modular solution built on a microservices architecture and based on the AI-powered, CLAIRE? engine, enables companies to fuel innovation, become more agile, and realize new growth opportunities, resulting in intelligent market disruptions. Over the last 25 years, Informatica has helped more than 9,000 customers unleash the power of data, including 85 of the Fortune 100, including every company listed in the top 10.

Over 80% of big data projects fail to deploy to production because project implementation is a complex, resource intensive effort taking months or even years. Infoworks fully automates data operations, orchestration and engineering for the creation and operation of BI, ML and AI data pipelines from source to consumption, helping Fortune 500 customers implement to production in days, using 10x fewer people. Infoworks leveraged our founders? experiences at Google and Zynga building and deploying world-class big data environments to create a commercially available autonomous data engine that requires no coding or specialized ?big data? skills. Infoworks automates the creation and ongoing operational management of big data solutions on premise and in the cloud: - Automated Data Workflows for Business Intelligence & Analytics - Automated Data Lake Creation & Management - Automated Enterprise Data Warehouse Offload & Migration

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K2View provides an operational data fabric dedicated to making every customer experience personalized and profitable. The K2View platform continually ingests all customer data from all systems, enriches it with real-time insights, and transforms it into a patented Micro-DB™ - one for every customer. To maximize performance, scale, and security,every micro-DB is compressed and individually encrypted. It is then delivered in milliseconds to fuel quick, effective, and pleasing customer interactions. Global 2000 companies – including AT&T, Vodafone, Sky, and Hertz – deploy K2View in weeks to deliver outstanding multi-channel customer service, minimize churn, achieve hyper-segmentation, and assure data compliance.

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Kloudio helps business analysts move faster and more precisely by enabling them to use their favorite spreadsheet tools to connect, access, download, update, merge and analyze any data from any application or database.

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Focus on innovation, not integration.

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Matillion makes the world’s data useful with an easy-to-use, cloud-native data integration and transformation platform. Optimized for modern enterprise data teams, only Matillion is built on native integrations to cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Delta Lake on Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft Azure Synapse to enable new levels of efficiency and productivity across any organization. Learn how Matillion delivers rapid returns on cloud investments for global enterprise customers at


Emerging technologies ? from AI to IoT ? are creating incredible business opportunities, but they?re also raising customer expectations. And if you don't meet them, someone else will. Today's enterprise needs to stay agile, deliver faster, and maximize IT investments. Today?s enterprise needs a network of applications, data, and devices connected by APIs, whether on-premises or in the cloud. With MuleSoft, enterprises get the technology and guidance they need to build their own application network ? enabling them to speed up project delivery, secure and manage access with ease, and do more, faster with less.

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Rivery is a serverless, SaaS DataOps platform that empowers companies of all sizes around the world to consolidate, orchestrate, and manage internal and external data sources with ease and efficiency. By offering comprehensive data solutions and partnering with complementary technology providers, including Google, Snowflake, Tableau, and Looker, Rivery enables data-driven companies to build the perfect ecosystems for all their data processes.


Segment provides the customer data infrastructure that helps businesses put their customers first. Using Segment, companies can collect, unify and connect their first-party data to over 200 marketing, analytics and data warehouse tools. More than 15,000 companies across 71 countries, from fast-growing businesses such as Atlassian, Bonobos, and Instacart to some of the world?s largest organizations like Levi?s, Intuit and Time, use Segment to achieve a common understanding of their users and activate their own data to create customer-first decisions and experiences.


SnapLogic provides the #1 intelligent integration platform. Our mission is to make it fast and easy for users to access, connect, manage, and analyze enterprise data to improve business processes, accelerate decision-making, and drive better business outcomes. The company?s leadership in intelligence-powered workflows and self-service integration capabilities make it fast and easy for organizations to manage all their application integration, data integration, and data engineering projects on a single, scalable platform. Hundreds of Global 2000 customers ? including Adobe, AstraZeneca, Box, GameStop, Verizon, and Wendy?s ? rely on SnapLogic to automate business processes, accelerate analytics, and drive digital transformation. SnapLogic was founded by data industry veteran Gaurav Dhillon and is backed by blue-chip investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Capital One, Ignition Partners, Microsoft, Triangle Peak Partners, and Vitruvian Partners.

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Starburst Data

Starburst is on a mission to power analytics anywhere. We help companies quickly unlock the value of their data by making it easy to access. We do this with Trino (formerly known as PrestoSQL), an open source SQL query engine that enables data consumers to access any data where it lies. Starburst Enterprise is purpose-built to ensure Trino security & performance at scale. Starburst also provides enterprise-grade features and 24x7 support from the Trino experts. Organizations like Zalando, Slack, Grubhub, Comcast, and FINRA rely on Starburst to execute fast queries across their data lake, and even federate queries across different sources. Stop moving data, start using data. For more information: Our company was founded in an unusual way; with customers and revenue from the beginning! Our growth is already ahead of some of the most successful software start-ups, and we don’t plan on slowing down. We believe our opportunity is huge. Every large company in the world suffers from a data silo problem. Traditional data warehouse products approach the problem with old solutions that breed inefficiency and ultimately can’t help business analysts run fast analytics on all their data. This prevents the business from making better decisions to improve their company’s performance. Starburst provides a modern solution that addresses these data silo & speed of access problems. Starburst helps enterprises harness the value of Trino, the fastest distributed query engine available today, by adding the tools and 24x7 support that meet the needs for big data access at scale. Ultimately, Starburst helps organizations run analytics anywhere to make better business decisions.


Stitch is an ETL service built for developers. It connects data from SaaS platforms like Salesforce and Facebook Ads to cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake. Stitch can consolidate data from more than 70 cloud and data sources into a central location where it?s ready for analysis. Stitch lets businesses focus on enhancing their analytics efforts without worrying about building and managing a data pipeline. Stitch data integrations are powered by Singer (, an open source standard the company developed for writing scripts that move data. Singer integrations are free for anyone to use, regardless of whether or not they're a Stitch customer, and Singer?s extensibility allows Stitch to connect to any data source.

Profile picture of is ushering in the era of automated organization. We believe that any organization can and should automate. With, citizen automators throughout organizations can easily automate complex processes through a powerful, flexible platform, and can connect their entire cloud stack thanks to APIs. Today businesses like IBM, GitHub, Forbes, Lyft, and DigitalOcean rely on to connect and automate data flow between the tools they use every day. With’s visual workflow builder our customers create automations to drive their business processes without writing a single line of code. Our challenge is to build a cutting-edge product that is powerful and complete while also being beautiful and easy to use.


Xplenty is cloud-based, low-code data integration platform. From designing data flows to scheduling jobs, Xplenty can process both structured and unstructured data. We integrate with a variety of sources, both natively and through our REST API connector.


At Zaloni, we believe in the unrealized power of data. Zaloni is an award-winning data management company. Our DataOps software platform, Arena, streamlines data pipelines through an augmented catalog, automated governance, and self-service consumption to reduce IT costs, accelerate analytics, and standardize security. We work with the world's leading companies, delivering exceptional data governance built on an extensible, machine-learning platform that both improves and safeguards enterprisesʼ data assets. We are proud to be recognized by CRNʼs 2020 Big Data 100 list, the Forbes 2020 Best Software Companies to Work For, The Software Report 2020 Top 100 and the 2019 Banking Technology Award for “Best Use of Data”.

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We build the software that governments and international organizations need to confront some of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Our software helps them strengthen vital public health systems, respond to large-scale humanitarian emergencies, and tackle complex challenges with unprecedented precision and speed. The Zenysis platform quickly integrates data from any structured data source and converts these data sources into a common format, creating the shared structure required to combine these disparate data sources for analysis. Advanced analytical and visualization tools available in the platform make it easy for decision-makers to analyze millions of data points at sub-second speed and combine their data in innovative and transformative ways.